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  1. Hi Mr. Nickless, thank you for the info. You are well qualified. However, the position has been filled just over the weekend. We thank you for your interest. Best, KF ----------------------------------------------------------------
  2. We need a underwater cameraman assistant with sound recording experience for about 4 days in August 2013 in Florida Keys. We are making a TV documentary about a uw research project in Florida Keys for a Hong Kong television station. The job will include: 1. diving to max 25m (I assume Advanced Openwater diver qualification will do) 2. assist the cameraman underwater and on surface. (if you have extensive experience in uw videography, you can assist us with the uw filming.) 3. assist us (2 persons) in interview filming such as sound monitoring or filming with the B cam (DSLR). You need to have your own medical insurance and diving insurance though. If interested, please kindly pm me your experience and your rate. Many thanks. KF Yuen (Mr.) Producer JIB Production http://rthk.hk/index_eng.htm www.jibproduction.com
  3. I am working on a marine subject TV documentary for a local TV station. I am considering the topic of sea otters and kelp forest. I wonder if anyone has been filming sea otters lately. I understand that sea otters in US are protected and are difficult to film. Please pm me if you can assist me in this project. Many thanks. KF www.jibproduction.com
  4. We have finally chosen a videographer to assist us in the filming. Again, thank you very much for your help and interest.
  5. Thank you very much. I also receive a couple of replies. I will contact them shortly. Thanks all.
  6. Hi all, I wonder if there is the right place to post it. My production team is bidding a TV documentary project for a public Hong Kong TV station. The topic is about humpback whales in Tonga/Niue. I wonder if there is anyone here who has experience filming humpback whales underwater and is willing to go to the islands for about 7 days of shooting in the summer 2009. Please contact me (kfyuen@jibproduction.com) if interested. I will provide more info, e.g. pay and requirements... etc. Thank you very much. KF Yuen (Mr.) www.jibproduction.com
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    welcome. I am new as well
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