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    Nikon d300
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    2xIkelite DS-160

About Me

I shoot with a Nikon d300 and Sea & Sea housing. Prints of many of my photos are for sale on my website. Others are available upon request. All of my work is copyrighted. My website is Underwater Encounters, here is my blog, and my Flick River.


My favorite pictures from my collection in 2009 are here.


In addition to selling photographs, I am available for hire as a scuba instructor, underwater photography instructor, photographer for hire, and scuba vacation planner. I have traveled extensively, and know how to find value and quality.


I seek to be a life long learner, and I am compulsive about reading and understanding the methods and techniques of other photographers.


I love getting feedback about my photos, positive and helpful. So please comment with any thoughts you have.

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