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    Primarily Film as in Underwater cinematograthy. Still in training though. Will soon be doing the TEK Course so that i can lead into rebreathers which should make filming more enjoyable. Hope to take this then into the adventures of cave and cavern diving. One thing at a time eh. Lets save the whales.

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  1. Thanks guys. Having to do abit of readnig to catch up on the discussions, and the friendly banter lol. But I'll get there. Interestingly, but not surprizingly, first responce was from an Aussy.
  2. I mean when your this close to the bottom sometime you need to stomp your feet to be heard....especially when you get confused as being apart of Austailia... Hi all I'm ''Warren'', or ''Wazza'', or ''that guy down under'', jumping on board to share and learn along side you all. Been diving since 2004, and activily doing video underwater for about a year, '(Still lots to learn). Made a few short reels based on experiences in the Great Barrier Reef and have had alot of fun doing so. I'm only using basic gear at the moement. A sony SR300 handy cam in a Ikelite housing with two 100wat halogen lights. Editing with windows movie maker.....okay stop laughting.... Looking at upgrading however to either Mac with final cut or Adobe prem....still undesided. Also thinking about the PMWEX3 and Equinox housing, a big jump I know I'm picking I should be able to pick up some work with that gear. Anyway for those of you who hav'nt fiqured it out Im in New Zealand, and only know of one other U/W operator so would be kken to hear form other kiwis out there. Looking forward to sharing discussions with you all. Cheers, beers, and thanks for the fish.
  3. well some interesting threads on a general topic guys. Im new to this industry and yes have been quilty of doing one for pro rata. Still i then on sold some of the images to local media that repaid the time so I quess it all worked out. I don't want to undercut the industry eith but do agree that experience and what your shooting with plays a part in what you should be asking. But it seems that already I need to rethink that level. Oh and it does get confusing as my parents used to say, give and you shell receive, where as my old sales boss demanded, never give with out getting first.....Time t go for a dive. Cheers
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