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  1. If you never tried Tribolube 71 or any other products from Areospace Lubricants like their cleaner K02 or their protectrant EP02 you should go their wesite and check it out. The Tribolube 71 is an amazing new product which is the best I've been exposed to in my years diving. This stuff is much better than most of the other products available for you guys to use. I had posted earlier but some how it never made it on this discussion line.. Also if you have any questions about any of their products please feel free to send me an email and I will be glad to give you an answer.. Randy
  2. Thanks for the kinds words... I look forward in learning about camera diving and figuring out which way to go! Regards Randy
  3. Hi Folks!, First off Merry Christmas or happy holidays! Wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you out there. I do a little picture taking but not to the extent that most of you have. Still learning on that end! I'm a wreck diver and enjoy diving period! Being it cold or warm water makes no difference to me as long as its safe and fun for all doing the dive I'm in!! I hope to learn alot from you and than make buying my camera based on input from you all. Anyways thanks for listening to me and hope to learn from you! Regards Randy
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