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  1. For sale: Nikon D800 (almost new) still in original packing. Subal Housing with Viewfinder (never been underwater) - no ports are available. Price Australian Dollars $5000.00 plus shipping. If interested email me on: imagesdownunder@me.com Regards Ron
  2. Hi Guys, Just received my ND800 and found that the zoom gears I am currently using won't work on this housing. I use 99% percent of the time a Nikon 70-180mm Macro Zoom and have used this lens and the same zoom gear on all my previous housings D200, D2X, D3X and D700. Is anyone aware if Subal provide new zoom gears for the ND800, I haven't tried another lens yet but will do over the weekend and report back. Thanks Ron
  3. Hi Steve, I was using a 16mm lens unfortunately the tail was cut off and the viz was not that great. Have purchased a 14mm lens for my trip back early next year. A few more images here: http://www.imagesdownunder.com.au/2012WhaleSharks.htm thanks Ron
  4. Hi Guys, With or without diver and B&W or colour? Thanks Ron
  5. Have following system for sale in near perfect condition. Reason for sale have purchased a D4 Nikon D3X Body only Spare battery and Charger. Nexus Housing: Macro port WA Port Fisheye Port Make me an offer ..... ex-Adelaide Australia Photos available upon request. ronboyes@me.com
  6. I use Cathay Photo, they have several locations.
  7. Hi guys, Just return from a month in Falkland Island, South Georgia and Antarctica. Here is a link to a few images http://gallery.me.com/ronboyes#100047 enjoy Regards Ron
  8. Hi All, Would appreciate your recommendations. Need the highest quality for a non diver. Thanks Ron
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