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  1. Thanks! I think this is pretty insane for a company that makes underwater photo equipment for living to put a flash in the middle of crystal clear box without any attempt to shield the light from the internal flash. Even with the provided deflector you can see light bouncing inside the housing.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to figure out what amount would not produce back-scatter to the level that it would affect images. For instance when I had Olympus Pen housing - I could not see internal flash. With Ikelite/RX100II housing I can clearly see flash going off when looking at the housing from the front.
  3. I understand that Ikelite is not Bentley of underwater housings, but it is the one I have at the moment for my Sony RX100II. Aside from minor usability issues - it will work fine for me. However one piece bothers me a lot, for perhaps irrational reason - the deflector. It is huge, leaves marks on the port every time I put it on, and tends to caught on something. So I tried to create deflector myself that is velcroed to the housing. Issue is that some light still goes over the top of it (some, but less, also visible with Ikelite own deflector). Questions: Is it relevant? My internal flash is not as powerful as the two strobes that I am using with the housing, and most of the light from the internal flash is deflected. Would that minor light spill be a problem? I will probably have time for one or two dives during the upcoming vacation and would hate to have light issues on top of me still learning the ropes underwater. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you could help me make a decision. At this point I am using Olympus EP-L1 camera with Olympus housing and Olympus strobes + 9-18mm lens. I love the way it works. Quite well for my needs. The only problem is that I am trying to make my travel gear as compact as possible. I also own RX100, so I was wondering if it would make sense to use that camera as my dive camera as well. I am not too concerned about the flashes - I always use them in manual mode. My main concerns are around controls and lens limitations. The questions that I have: 1) Is there way to use flashes with Ikelite housing, of Nautica is the only way to go. 2) How well do controls work on either Ikelite or Nautica 3) 28mm of RX100 is not too wide. Are the wide angle/ fisheye adapters are good optical quality wise. Any other thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the response. Inon was a great piece of information - i got ordered a three call arm. Will give it a try. I hope not to have to go for the tray at the moment. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I am not 100% new to underwater photography, but since I do it so infrequently I may as well be considered a novice. So finally I decided to add a second strobe to my EP-L1 housing. Since up until now I had the single strobe attached to the coldshoe on the top, I thought that I would replace double clamp with triple and attach second strobe to the additional arm. My flashes are Olympus UFL1 and UFL2. They are not super heavy, yet I feel that clamp does not do a great job, in fact in the air it fail to support them in extended condition. Is this normal? Would it be fine underwater? Should I go with the different mount system? (keep in mind that I am going for compactness) Thank you very much, Eugene
  7. Thanks for the info. Could you point me to some good (not super expensive) focusing lights and adapters? thank
  8. Thank you. So basically the aside from power and size, the main difference is the behavior when used with wired connection. When used optical cable both behave the same way, right?
  9. Hi all, I says in the description that Olympus UFL1 is meant for digital compacts, while UFL2 is used for both. What does that actually mean? Is it that UFL1 is unable to provide correctly functioning TTL with an Olympus DSLR? Or is it just the statement that they believe you would like a more powerful flash with a DSLR? Thanks! Eugene
  10. Hi all, Sorry a really basic question. I have an underwater strobe that does not have spotter light built in or attached to it. I was wondering how important are those? Of course, it is better to have one with a light than without, but would you pay extra $100, $200 for having one? Thanks!
  11. I got the PT-E05 housing for E520 yesterday. Of course, in terms of quality it beats using Ewa-marine or similar bags. Controls are nice and easy to use. But the viewfinder concerns me. When I dive I use free-diving, low volume mask. It sits close the face and gives me a good angle of view. Despite the fact that I think it is pretty good mask for underwater photography, I still had some problems using viewfinder of D2H in a bag. But it seems like it is even worse with PT-E05. People who have Olympus housing, is it a problem when you dive? Of course, Live View is too slow to focus to be useful. Thanks, Eugene
  12. I think you are correct to some degree. White balance of course the first line of defense, but correction using white balance has its limitations - by amplifying a single channel you are increasing noise. And given my previous experience it seems like noise is excessive.
  13. Thanks for the reply Bob, I actually have 14-54 II. It is a great lens, but I think for underwater I will use just 14-42 for a while. It is not that bad, and I am guessing lens resolution is less of a limitation underwater. So this case fits as a carry-on? This is nice. I was thinking of getting a hard case for it. Eugene
  14. Well light is bright, and pool is clean. I am at 8" and subject is about another 6-8" away from me.
  15. I will probably regret it later when the camera spends few month sitting in the closet, but for now I am very excited to get a DSLR housing. I have used P&S underwater before, and it was cool, but still was somewhat handicapped in terms of DR. Than I did an underwater model shoot using ewa-marine style bag, and it was a lot of fun: Except bag was very hard to use... So I was thinking of upgrading to Ewa-Marine, DSLR proper case was out of question because I though it would be at least $1500. But turns out I can get case and the port for $800. So I thought - what the heck! No lights yet... I wonder how many people get a case and use it only once? Also how much pain is it to travel with a case like that?
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