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  1. unfortunately that only explains the difference between Mk3 and 4 not Mk2
  2. Hi Originally i had an ND20 and bought a DP-FE2 dome. A few years ago I upgraded to an ND300S housing and my dome still fits. This implies you can mount a MK2 dome on a Mk3 housing (I assume the ND300S is Mk3?) I am now thinking of upgrading again to a ND500 which comes either Mk3 or 4 . However I have been told that my DP-FE2 will not fit this housing which seem odd as surely it will fit on the Mk3 version. Or is there something else about the housing that means it wont fit? Can anyone tell me how you tell the different between a Mk2 and Mk3 port as have found someone selling what they believe is a DPFE Mk3, but they aren't sure. Thanks Mike
  3. Looking for any reasonable offer to clear this out of my house Thanks Mike
  4. Excellent condition ND20 housing for Nikon D200. Owned and treasured since 2008. Upgraded to Subal housing for D300S as my eyesight isn't good enough to read the settings any more! For anyone starting out with an SLR underwater, or moving up from compact the D200 is a perfectly capable camera for all sorts of underwater images. Subal make the best housings and this one has been leak and damage free the whole time I have had it. Fully serviced by Aquaphoto a couple of years ago. Included main O ring and spare Nikon 12-24mm gear ring. Only thing that is missing is the spotting light mount that goes on top that split recently. This can be replaced for £18. Looking for £499 plus postage to anywhere in the world. I also have 2 x D200 bodies that I intend to sell and happy to negotiate a price for those if you are interested. Mike
  5. Preferably with GS180 viewfinder, but have one on my old ND20 so can swap out. Assuming the ports are all the same as ND20 only looking for a housing to upgrade my bodies. Would consider an ND300 housing, but price would need to allow for buying the upgrade backplate. Cheers Mike
  6. Hi I'm Mike Asplin from St Albans Uk. Just back form diving the Cenotes in Mexico and realised my poor old D200 is no longer up to the task. Looking to buy a housing for my D300S so would like to post in the classifieds Cheers Mike
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