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  1. Yes, it's still available - sent you an e-mail as well. -J
  2. I'm finally getting around to upgrading my housing for the 70D my lovely wife got me for my birthday. I'm selling the Sea & Sea MDX-40D that I've enjoyed since 2009. It can house either a Canon 40D or 50D body. Payment options: money order cashier's check Paypal (if you cover 3% fee for credit card transactions, US buyers, shipping to confirmed address only) Non-US buyers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Shipping: FedEx or UPS Ground shipping to Continental US will be included, once the payment has cleared the bank. Housing: Sea & Sea MDX-40D - $1000 Condition: Good - some light scuffs/scratches on the bottom - bolts securing carry strap clips will be different than pictured (those are part of my ULCS arms). Add-ons: I'm willing to sell the following items as add-ons to the housing sale or individually after the housing sells: Camera Body: Canon 40D Body - $200 If you don't have a 40D or 50D handy, or would like a spare body, this is an option. Included accessories: Canon Branded Battery (BP-511A) Canon Charger Neck Strap (not that you need it underwater...hence why it's still wrapped in plastic) Body Cap 2x 4GB Sandisk Extreme CompactFlash Cards Port: NX Zoom Port - $275 I use this with both an EF 100mm/2.8 USM Macro and the EF-S 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6 II Zoom. (I know it's strange for one port to serve two configurations, but I don't shoot wide angle often and didn't invest in a separate dome setup at the time) Zoom Gear: Sea & Sea #31119 (for an EF-S 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6 II Zoom) - $60 My former EF-S 18-55mm recently met its demise at the hands of clumsiness and gravity, but they can be had very cheaply as it was a kit lens during its day. For the curious - I intend to keep my strobes and strobe arms. YS-110s won't fetch enough to justify an upgrade for me at this time.
  3. I think that for a budget-concious approach, something like the G9 or G10 is a great camera setup for the price. My wife and I put together a G9 housed setup for her to use when I'm busy shooting something else and the turtle/shark/whatever passes on the other side of the coral head/ship/etc. What's particularly nice about the G9 (I assume G10 as well, but I don't know it's specs) is that you can shoot RAW, and if you can you should. I know we got a Canon housing and YS-27 strobe for around $450 total (via E-bay), and we already had the G9. If you'd like some samples, they're easy to find online, but I can certainly send you some shots from inside the SC Aquarium that my wife took on the first housing test dive. She hasn't shot underwater since our advanced training 7 years ago, so they'd be a sample of shooting in dark conditions with an inexperienced user. Just PM me an address to email them. IIRC, some strobes do, for instance DS-TTL "digital slave" strobes like the YS-110 that can do TTL using the optical cable. However, there's the debate over whether TTL is really necessary: TTL Anonymous the sample pics I've offered to send you were shot using the manual strobe adjustment approach. One of the advantages to shooting in RAW is the ability to easily adjust white balance post-dive. That being said, I tend to deal with white balance more on an ambient light photo than one lit by strobes, as strobe color temperatures are much closer to daylight that the cool blue of open ocean. As I said before, we got the canon housing for the G9 and a YS-27. The Canon housing is a bit cheaper than the ikelite, iirc. Here's the costs we paid (incl shipping) and setup: Canon WP-DC21: $155 (Ebay) Sea&Sea YS-27(w/ optical cable): $270 (Ebay) Plate for strobe arm: $12.99 (Ebay) Sea & Stay IV: $17ish (Subaquatic Camera) Of course, you might be able to do better than these prices by spending more time hunting than we did.
  4. I had a similar issue with the Sea & Sea zoom gear for one of my lenses - it simply wouldn't go on from the front - it seemed to get stuck on the plasic zoom collar on the lens. I removed the open o-ring (o-ring with a single cut) on the gear, and it fit the lens snugly with no slip. Later, I tried reinstalling the o-ring, only to find out it was too big?!? After snipping the excess o-ring material, I was able to fit the gear easily. Couldn't agree more.
  5. My wife and I have played with a Lomography OKTOMAT - it has 8 lenses that fire one after the other to explose 1/8 sections of the 35mm negative. I've been fun to play with in the city and anywhere that you can capture a progression of action. Further, it has no settings - shoot, advance, shoot again, advance, etc - you're free to look for fun moments and not consider exposure. I recently tossed out some prints and negatives that we took, otherwise I could scan and attach, but the Flickr Oktomat Group is demonstrative
  6. The direct link to the current Canon Digial SLR chart: http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/canon_digital.html
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