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  1. Hello, I am selling my Ikelite port 5502.41 which is in perfect condition. I only used this port on a couple dives and unfortunately for me it hasn't seen much use recently. Selling for $100 US/CAN and for that i will incl shipping. email kevinjstephens@hotmail.com
  2. Hello all. I am staying dry for a while and have again decided to let go of my setup. I am selling my Nikon D100 w/ AF-S 18-55mm DX lens, Ikelite Housing w/ 6" dome port & Ikelite Ds50 Strobe w/ Manual controller. Everything is ready and good to go to start shooting. Everything is in good working order. Never been flooded. The lens and the Manual Controller have been bought recently. I have the camera Manuals, battery charger and all that. Asking $ 1100 USD plus shipping costs. Item Located in B.C. Canada. I If you're interested and have questions please PM or email me. I can send photos to you if you like. kevinjstephens@hotmail.com
  3. Yeah I have a manual controller to adjust the power output. It goes F, .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5. so Is "F" full power and is .5 the lowest? I was using .5 which i assumed was the lowest setting with ISO200 1/180 and F22 and was still getting a bit of an overexposed image but i think i can sort this out. it just doesnt seem that i'm gonna have much freedom choosing narrower depth of field options.
  4. Hello i have a 5503.5 port for sale. has dome shade. was thinking $90 plus cost of shipping. Located in Ireland. PM me. cheers
  5. thanks alot guys. this has been very helpful. its kind of a shame the camera cant synch with faster shutter speeds. i thought i was using my strobes' lowest power setting and it was still overexposed so i guess i'll have to master all the settings in manual including ISO to achieve the exposure i want. I got my setup second hand so i didnt get a manual with my strobe. can anyone quickly explain the power settings and what the numbers really mean or how they relate?
  6. Hello All. I am a Novice underwater photographer and recently got a macro setup. I have a nikon d100, a nikon 60mm ikelite housing and ikleite ds150 substrobe. In my photos with shutter speeds upward from 250 or so I am getting black on the upper half of the image from where the shutter is starting to close. the bottom half will be a distinguishable image illuminated by the strobe. the faster shutter speed i use the larger the black area will obvioulsy be. In order to produce and acceptable image i have to use a very small aperture to compensate. This is not ideal. Its almost like my strobe is a fraction too slow, but it shows no signs of malfunctioning and fires seemingly normally when the shutter is released. The strobe connectors seem to be fine, and no corrosion etc. I have taken my system out with 2 separate d100 bodies. so it seems very unlikely that the problem lies there. Any suggestions? cheers, Kevin Stephens
  7. Hello, I have decided to switch to video and am selling my Nikon D100 setup. It consists of the Camera body and 18-55mm lens. Ikelite housing (6'' dome port), and a single Ikelite ds50 substrobe w/ new manual controller. Everything in exellent condition, works great and ready to shoot professional quality images. I have only taken the camera out a few times and have produced great results with this system. Camera has manual, battery charger (great battery life), camera bag, strap, tripod etc. $ 1200 US. Great Deal! Serious enquiries only please. Thanks! kevinjstephens@hotmail.com
  8. The site looks really great, very professional. all the photos were very quick to come up. good work.
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