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  1. Drew great briefly seeing you out there amigo! I have to agree with a few of Drew's assessments, all spot on... - It seems like there were many "training baitballs". Tons of juvi dolphins, and a lot of not well formed and/or mobile baitballs this year - not sure if that is a causal relationship or not. - Too many operators with snorkelers and too many bright colored items in the water. I agree that it is only a matter of time before another bad accident. How hard is it to recommend to all of your guests to wear black? BTW - a great surprise - had sailfish and a marlin on two different baitballs. You can see the "atmospheric" vis though (about 3-5 meters)! A handful of additional 2010 sardine run images on my blog. My groups missed the massive action by two days - damn you mother nature! The epic sized baitballs should be producing some great images circulating around the web and magazines soon.
  2. ok no excuse not to be at NYUPS tomorrow night then
  3. I also contacted the right people at Scuba Diving and asked them to consider changing the terms and conditions of this competition, but before reading Eric's post. So we've most likely bugged the same people. Often the intention and terms and conditions are not the same. Sometimes the rules are just boiler plates from other contests and the individuals writing and approving the rules do not understand the sensitivity of the usage rights issue. The bigger the company the more this is true. I always give every company this benefit of the doubt and have had many competitions change their rules once pointing out the inconsistency between their intentions and the terms and conditions of the competition. Most contests like this are for the average consumer, not a bunch of photographers who take this stuff seriously. It's not as much of an issue when people are submitting vacation photos - they just don't care about these issues and therefore it never presents and issue. The issue appears when the terms and conditions are carried over to a contest where people (like all of us) do actually care. As it has been pointed out - we as photographers endorse or detract from the competition via our participation or lack thereof. This is why in the DPG event calendars, for all competitions we request the organizers to provide the usage rights so we can post them claerly and straightforwardly for everyone Any worthy competition should follow a simple guideline for usage rights: a) Winners only; and b) Only to promote future contests and to announce winners of the contest c) Attribution to the photographers when images are used I can predict that their intention is not a rights grab. Whether they have the time to change the terms and conditions amid other busy schedules of a big slower moving company I can't predict. Will keep everyone posted on what I hear. *** UPDATE *** All of the above is confirmed with SD now. Unfortunately Bonnier is a big company with a boiler plate for these contests that would take time to change. The editors and publisher of SD are aware of the situation and not thrilled, but can reassure us all that there is not intention to use images beyond winning images for the announcement of winners and promotion of the next contest.
  4. Just want to jump in and clear a few things up here. We unequivocally do not own any interest in any copyrights or image usage permissions beyond what the guidelines of the site state. However, as it was pointed out (thank you!), the copyright notice on the images is indeed an incorrect usage of the © symbol, and a legacy issue of having an automated function that does this watermarking. It is only done so with the intention of disuading anyone from using these images (as Drew correctly pointed out). In reality we should have the watermark without the © symbol. But rest assured that the competition is run by photographers (Eric and myself) who take copyrights and image usage guidelines very seriously. In fact, I've been part of a small group (along with Chris Crumley, and Roger Roth) that "policies" some of the other competitions to ensure that their guidelines do not take advantages of photographers. There are too many competitions that assume significant usage rights for all entries and/or winning images. We do get inquiries from magazines about image usage and several competition winners have had their images licensed and published as a result, including a cover shot for Unterwasser magazine last year (which pays well compared to most dive magazines BTW). In all instances we directly connect the publishers with the photographers and are not involved in or benefit financially from the licensing. We are only happy and proud that we can facilitate this from time to time and hope that the additional exposure can result in more image licensing for more of the winners. Moving forward we'll fix the incorrect addition of the © symbol and only have the watermark. Thanks for pointing it out!
  5. It is not uncommon for big companies to pay very late, particularly in the economy we have been living in for the last year. You'll always have the option of having a collection attorney go after them (usually at 50% of the collected monies), but if you plan on working with them in the future, just be very persistent in following up every week. Ironically it is the bigger companies with a lot of money that sometimes pay the slowest! But often it is worth it. Also, for future reference you can also provide discounts for on-time or early payments, which means jack up the price a bit to compensate for it.
  6. Really need an Ikelite 4200 light meter, does any have one that they want to sell?
  7. That is some awesome footage! Video really captures the essence of the Sardine Run. Was just out there for a week. We had some amazing action, and lucked out with 4 days in a row of intense bait balls with bryde whales for two days in a row. Haven't had the time to go through all images yet, so obvioulsy we haven't published a story on DPG yet, but I did post a few initial images on my personal blog: http://blog.jasonheller.com/2009/07/13/blo...un-first-shots/ It was one of the best underwater experiences of my life. Just amazing. A story with 30+ images is coming soon. PS: Drew thanks for the advice prior to us heading out there!
  8. Definitely shoot as much as you can. Personally I don;t dive or shoot locally, because I'm not into the murky stuff, but many people swear by the wrecks and the potential there. Besides actually shooting, come to meetings from the New York Underwater Photo Society. It's a great group of people. We meet the first Tues of every month. www.NYUPS.org Hope to see you there
  9. You have a few options: Ikelite 30 foot cord Subtronic N5-N5 TTL Sync Cable (7') or You can have custom cords made
  10. Professional photographer Howard Schatz had a break in at his studio this weekend and all of his Nikonos RS equipment was stolen. http://www.divephotoguide.com/articles/hel...raphy_equipment Please if you see it listed anywhere contact Jason@divephotoguide.com right away, thanks! Equipment / Serial Number Nikonos RS Camera Body 2005738 Nikonos R-UW 20-35 zoom lens 402921 Nikonos RS Camera Body 2005754 Nikon 20-35mm AF Zoom Lens 403075 for Nikonos RS Nikonos RS Camera Body 2000168 Nikonos R-UW 20-35 zoom lens 401076 Nikonos 13MM F/2.8 R-UW 600031 Nikonos 50MM F/2.8 R-UW AF 301071 Nikonos RS Camera Body 2000397
  11. Give that man a prize! Yup, modified Pelican cases
  12. @James - yes radio triggers. i use a cheaper version of pocket wizards from Paul C. Buff called (called cybersync's), tethered to the housing on a long strobe cord with the radio transmitter floating at the surface. Sometimes I use a similar setup to your description, except I use an old YS-350, often set up to trigger via optical as well. However, sometimes I like to use my Alien Bees (not the best monolights, but they do their job) outside the water (obviously). The issues I am trying to currently overcome is gridding or snooting to get directional light into the water. As soon as the light hits the water, it difuses in more directions than I'd like. But I do like the radio triggers. Previously I had to have one strobe pointed directly at the monolight to trigger it optically - that sucked Optical triggers work...except when they don't Chris - your images came out great. The clothing line also lends itself to being shot underwater, that's a big plus (colorful & flowing). You should indeed be pleased!
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