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  1. Feel your pain , I'm up the farm now but will have look when I get back in on Monday. Something in the back of my mind says we may have one on the shelf.
  2. I use this https://www.instagram.com/scubapixaustralia/ Having this account is a way to showcase different types images that I have shot using the range of gear that I sell. Folks find it useful to have visual reference as we help them map out a system and target list.
  3. I can help. I have a unit that's just been fully factory refurbished to like new condition. info@scubapix.com
  4. From the UW Technics manual : Compatible photo cameras: all Nikon DSLR cameras Compatible underwater housings: NAUTICAM housings for Nikon D600/610, D7100, D7200, D800/E, D810, D4/s Compatible TTL strobes: Inon Z-240, Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2 TTL outputs: 2 optical, 2 electric wire Maximum Fiber-optic cable length for “TTL” operation: 3m
  5. Nauticam never made a housing for the 5DMk2.
  6. The Fisheye Neo Series Lights have been a robust and reliable light. I'm interested to know a little more info . did the issue you describe happen at the beginning or the end of the dive ? how old was the light ? how many dives has it done ? has it been reliable before this issue occurred ? do you charge the battery externally or through the back of the light ?
  7. Price drop on the SOLAS - Brand New $350 each Postage by air mail included Payment by Paypal.
  8. I have 3 x LMI Sola 2000 Video ( wide only ) - brand new in the box never used. $USD 450 each or $1200 USD for all 3 Postage by air mail included Payment by Paypal.
  9. Canon 50mm Macro works perfectly for fish portraits on the full frame - shoot it using a compact port base and 15mm compact port.
  10. Just wondering if any members on the forum live in Scotland - in particular near Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire . Have some equipment there I'm interested in but would like the reassurance that it's a real deal. Appreciate any help possible best PM me here . Thanks in advance Peter
  11. Cheers - Glad to know it arrived and is as described. Enjoy your toy.
  12. Ex Demo Aquatica 5dMK3 housing - done less than 10 dives since factory rebuild - best serious offer New 4.3 BK7 Dome - in original packing New Macro Port - in original packing 2 x 45 degree Viefinders - in original packing 2 x 180 degree VF - in original packing Ship worldwide by DHL. Bank transfer essential
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