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  1. The Fisheye Neo Series Lights have been a robust and reliable light.


    I'm interested to know a little more info .

    • did the issue you describe happen at the beginning or the end of the dive ?
    • how old was the light ?
    • how many dives has it done ?
    • has it been reliable before this issue occurred ?
    • do you charge the battery externally or through the back of the light ?

  2. Just wondering if any members on the forum live in Scotland - in particular near Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire .


    Have some equipment there I'm interested in but would like the reassurance that it's a real deal.


    Appreciate any help possible


    best PM me here .


    Thanks in advance



  3. Ex Demo Aquatica 5dMK3 housing - done less than 10 dives since factory rebuild - best serious offer

    New 4.3 BK7 Dome - in original packing

    New Macro Port - in original packing


    2 x 45 degree Viefinders - in original packing


    2 x 180 degree VF - in original packing


    Ship worldwide by DHL.

    Bank transfer essential

  4. just the weight benefit..and that is all


    Its important to remember that the modern base measurement of imaging has been reduced to comparisons of resolution( acknowledging that not all pixels are equal ) , system size / weight and image sharpness.


    As underwater imagemakers we tend to peep at the pixels / resolution / sharpness after the event , which is once all the bother and airport drama's of excess weight charges / expense's associated with size and weight are forgotten.


    Alex correctly points out the compromise ends up being about the needs of dome size to resolve the sharp corners we all desire vs the desire to manage system budgets and baggage costs.

  5. My thinking is get the 36162 port and gear set for the 12-50 , then add the 60mm lens and then finally add the 8mm and Fisheye port.


    This achieves you goal of 2 ports for 3 lens and lets you fully utilise all the features of all lenses.


    Once you have the ports sorted then add the diopter to improve macro options. You can do this with or without the flip option.

  6. The 4k is great if you want to go serious wide, with so many choices of fisheye and rectilinear zooms which are super wide. But focus will be more crucial, which isn't easy for the over 40s, presbyopic crowd! :)


    This is exactly my problem - glad to see the BM folks have something for the ageing manual focus crowd.


    From the manual :



    Focus Button



    The FOCUS button allows you to sharpen the images without affecting your recorded picture, as it creates a peaking edge around the sharpest part of the image to confirm focus.



    To turn on, press the FOCUS button located near the top-right of the touchscreen.

    The FOCUS button turns on focus peaking, which highlights the edges in your scene that are in focus and helps you get accurate focus when using manual lenses.



    Focus Zoom - Double Tap



    Double tap the touchscreen display to zoom into the image to help you adjust focus at the 1:1 pixel scale. Double tap the display again to zoom out.

  7. Shipping will be the same.


    Important to understand your dealing with an old camera system.


    Be sure sure your ready to spend the upgrade / maintenance money.


    Once its in the Air Post system we have no control.


    I'm travelling so this is being run remotely by staff.

    Thinking some more - send your post address - if it sorts the issue then pay the money to my son's account.


    If it doesn't put them in the bin

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