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  1. There is a lot more than 1 housing in that shipment.
  2. For sure you are thinking about sunny Cairns, Australia. Even in the worst season there is a lot going on
  3. Hey Jean, Did you get my mail earlier ..... I'll have few that aren't committed yet and am happy to find them loving homes. Apreciate all the help you can give me. Cheers Peter
  4. Hi Oskar , Steer clear of that stuff. I can get you a good deal on a Sea & Sea 500D housing, port and gear for your 10-22. It would have to ship out from Australia but no problems. PM me for details Peter
  5. Eaglehawk Neck with Karen Gowlett-Holmes organizing the diving would be great option.
  6. Drew , These are all favourites for me, but really couldn't be describes as new given they are all pretty well on the beaten track
  7. Hey Jack , Check these out. Studio Back Pack. Been using one of these for the last 4 or 4 years. It has a separate slider area for the laptop and your magazines. I have packed 2 x D3X Bodies & Chargers , 4 lenses , 4 portable drives , 17" notebook and charger , telephone & charger plus all travel doc's and book. ( it nearly brakes you back but is never looked at ) The best part is they are made for a life on the road and are fully padded with sorbethane type linings and ultra heavy duty YKK Zippers.
  8. Irrespective of whether you choose the 45 Degree or the 180 Degree viewfinder from any brand you are still going find the LCD partialy obscured.
  9. I have one but it it will take me a day or 2 to locate it.
  10. Housing is still here, I have a as new megadome and viewfinder if thats of any interest.
  11. This housing is in new condition USD $4500.00 Will ship worldwide travel@scubapix.com
  12. I'm writing this from teh salon of Nautilus Explorer as we prepare to head out to Guadaloupe. First impressions are fantastic - the boat is huge and well fitted , the diving deck is more than spacious , the crew are very accommodating. Bluwater & white sharks here we come.
  13. The excitement that the convergence of these technologies has created is previously unheralded. I think it is important to take a step back from the hype and ask yourself is this the best option for me. Will it have a positive effect on my productivity - is my skill set sufficient to drive this camera in a fully manualy fully productive mode - can I follow focus or pull focus in this shot with out taking any exposure / shutter speed considerations in to being. Will the workflow that is required be conducive to the style of filmmaking I have in mind. If it not YES to all of these answers that the answer is NO. You would better off with a video camera that you can configure in a partially or full manual or totally auto manner. My 2 cents - shoot me down
  14. This has been my spare ( B ) camera and is now ready for a new home. I will consider all serious offers - shipping world wide is no problems. HVX202 CAMERA GATES HOUSING FATHOM PORT SWP44 2 SPARE LONG LIFE BATTERIES 2 32 GIG CARDS 2 X 8 GIG CARDS HOUSING IS IN OZ - WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE.
  15. I will be shooting the C135 / HFS11 combo in a few days and will report back when I get a connection.
  16. Housing in like new condition ( 9.5 / 10 0 ) Has done less than 20 dives. $3000.00 email me for details info@scubapix.com
  17. The HC5 , HC7 & HC9 are all fully interchangeable in the Bluefin or any other housing. This series of cameras were dimensionally the same
  18. I'll be shooting the HFS10 / Bluefin / C135 Combo in Guadaloupe next week and will post some footage once I've done with the madness travel & jetlag.
  19. Nice shot Phil. I'm headed out there in a few weeks. Interested to hear your thoughts on lens selection. Peter
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