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  1. Hello all! Winter time and my thin blood always gets me thinking about a warm weather local I can retire and dive year around so I thought I would attempt to get some ideas from you Wetpixel viewers.


    My ideal tropical local would have no stinking high-rises or city life hustle and bustle, plenty of wide angle photography opportunities, foreign land ownership and business friendly, reliable internet service, friendly petite tan women :good: and a good local brew :)


    Maybe you live there or have recently visited....I'd like your opinion.







    For sure you are thinking about sunny Cairns, Australia.

    Even in the worst season there is a lot going on

  2. Any experience from these fairly cheap DSLR housings for Canon 500d?

    - http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitalhousing-erxc1010.htm


    Specifically for housing a WA such as EF-S 10-22




    Hi Oskar ,

    Steer clear of that stuff.


    I can get you a good deal on a Sea & Sea 500D housing, port and gear for your 10-22.

    It would have to ship out from Australia but no problems.

    PM me for details


  3. Hey Jack ,


    Check these out. Studio Back Pack.


    Been using one of these for the last 4 or 4 years. It has a separate slider area for the laptop and your magazines.


    I have packed 2 x D3X Bodies & Chargers , 4 lenses , 4 portable drives , 17" notebook and charger , telephone & charger plus all travel doc's and book. ( it nearly brakes you back but is never looked at )


    The best part is they are made for a life on the road and are fully padded with sorbethane type linings and ultra heavy duty YKK Zippers.

  4. Lets get that petition started.


    "Providing it were a sharp lens, I'd think it could posses interesting possibilities..."


    Looking back historically, the Tokina 10-17 fisheye zoom started with the Pentax SMCP-DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED fisheye zoom, which Tokina retains the rights to manufacture.


    Sharp like the current 10-17, and that fisheye lenses are the easiest to construct when it comes to super wide optics, I think it is deffineitly a high possibility.

  5. The excitement that the convergence of these technologies has created is previously unheralded.


    I think it is important to take a step back from the hype and ask yourself is this the best option for me.


    Will it have a positive effect on my productivity - is my skill set sufficient to drive this camera in a fully manualy fully productive mode - can I follow focus or pull focus in this shot with out taking any exposure / shutter speed considerations in to being. Will the workflow that is required be conducive to the style of filmmaking I have in mind.


    If it not YES to all of these answers that the answer is NO. You would better off with a video camera that you can configure in a partially or full manual or totally auto manner.


    My 2 cents - shoot me down

  6. This has been my spare ( B ) camera and is now ready for a new home.


    I will consider all serious offers - shipping world wide is no problems.






    2 32 GIG CARDS

    2 X 8 GIG CARDS




  7. Guess I will have to do just that. On thinking it over, realized it would probably fit in the housing, but would it work??? Maybe with a different tray or some other adaptation L&M would be willing to sell me...







    The HC5 , HC7 & HC9 are all fully interchangeable in the Bluefin or any other housing.

    This series of cameras were dimensionally the same

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