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  1. They are able to maintain their pricepoint by improvements in their manufacturing process. The front half of the housing is machined from Billet ( a block ) Aluminium while the rear half is much thinner by design and is able to machined from a much thinner Flat stock. Aquatica have a commitment to giving excellent value for money.
  2. It goes red from all the polishing you give it.
  3. Hey Aengus Spielberg - nice cameo. Your video looks great for a first effort - can't wait for episode 2.
  4. This is my favourite combo for this lens in CFWA. The only time you might want a bigger port is if you doing under overs ( ala Lemon Snaps ).
  5. Hey Steve take a closer look. ( 2008 Buell ) No damage to me ( not even a piece of skin off or a bruise ) because I had used my experience to be properly prepared (full leather , gloves & boots)
  6. Following the logic here - I should be able to get a new bike seeing the manufacturer didn't tell me I could fall of if I went to fast around the corner last weekend. Adding to this I wonder if the tyre company will accept responsibilty for my crash seeing the super soft sticky tyres they sold me clearly were not sticky enough.
  7. While we are dreaming. I would like to see a digital revision of the SUBEYE reflex camera. It would be fantastic to have use for the boxfull of mint RS lenses that are in my cupboard. Full Frame 39-50MP Dual CF slots or optional 240Gig S/S drive
  8. Just wondering who will be going to the DEMA show this Nov 3 - 8;
  9. Thanks for the understanding - please don't mistake my empathy for your situation vs the reality. Reality is that this piece of equipment went into the water and shortly thereafter had a moisture issue. Empathy say's my pocket book and budget's feel for you. At the end of the day it has little to do with the housing company and a lot to do with the user.
  10. ENOUGH OF THIS DENIAL RUBBISH. Get over it - you have had a partial Now get ready for your next one - hope and pray it's as minor as this one. If your really bothered about the possibilities you could always install ( and use ) a Gates Seal Check or even safer leave your camera and housing the boat. Doesn't matter how you look at it, or the excuses you make the user is always responsible for ensuring the equipment is waterproof and ready to dive with.
  11. Hi Mike, The Nikonus strobes will work with ALL Digital SLR setups with no issues if you can come to terms with no TTL. Many folks go down this path for one reason or another. Best check out TTL anon Good luck on your journey.
  12. I read it a few days ago and thought to myself it's a pity your not in Cairns Australia as I have one available for rental. Happy to ship it out to Maui for you but you would have to cover shipping in both directions.
  13. Hey Bruno - Welcome to the club. Flooding cameras is never fun, still you have to be prepared for that each time you take one into the water. As the user of the equipment you are absolutely responsible for ensuring that it is watertight. This means prior to every dive you need to check the unit and be satisfied that everything is in order. It's just like crossing a busy road - just because you didn't get run over yesterday doesn't mean you don't need to look each way today. My 2 cents. PS - Sorry about your camera PM me if you want to sell the water damaged unit.
  14. This shouldn't be so - are you certain the intermediate tray is setup properly ?
  15. You can get the Sanyo Eneloop's at most battery vendors. I know that Battery World has them in stock.
  16. I believe his dealer tells everyone to turn the steady shot off :) A little info at the beginning can solve a lot of issues before they happen.
  17. These items are listed for a friend - he can be contacted on rpiesse@bigpond.net.au FOR SALE, complete package, including housing, camcorder, lights and extras. Camera: Sony DCR VX 2100E handycam, with two extra large NP F970 long life info lithium batteries. Housing: Amphibico PD 170 underwater housing with flat port and external LCD colour monitor. Lighting: Amphibico Ultra Pro Power Pack intergrated with housing and two Discovery II arc lights, each 30 and 50 watt HD. Power Pack is loaded with Lithium batteries. Light arms are anodised aluminium extending up to 52cm Pelican carry cases included for both lights and housing. All components in good working condition, never been flooded. images to follow.
  18. On paper these lenses appear to physically the same - certainly they share the same zoom gear. L Products Comparison from the Nikon site AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 14/9 (2 ED glasses, 3 aspherical lenses) 11/7 (2 ED glass elements, 3 aspherical lens elements) Picture Angle with Nikon DX Format 109°-61° 99(deg)-61(deg) Minimum f/stop 22-29 22 Closest focusing distance 0.24m (through the entire zoom range) 0.3m/1 ft. Maximum reproduction ratio 0.2x 1/8.3 Filter Attachment Size 77 mm 77mm Lens Cap Snap-on -- Lens Hood HB-23 -- Lens Case CL-1118 -- Dimensions (approx.) 82.5 x 87 mm 82.5 x 90mm Weight (approx.) 460 g 485g
  19. Aquatica have a adaptor in the works for Sea & Sea Ports - this makes the choice for you very simple.
  20. Hey Bruce , We've got a few up here - they would need to be paid for before they can ship. Let me know if your keen. Peter
  21. Hey Richard, Welcome to Wetpixel - hope to see you around here a little more often.
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