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  1. At the SMPTE ( Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers ) Conference and Exhibition last week the 5Dmk11 had the same buzz that RED had the previous year.


    Panavision had a unit set up with one of their lenses , other units were set up on rails with follow focus attachments and barn doors and even Steadicam had one set up on rig for demos.


    It's shaping up for an exciting time in imaging as the digital medium and it's various technologies merge.

  2. I got a product release on this a few months ago.




    This two-piece digital still and motion picture acquisition system is easy to use, featuring a small full HD 1080i camera interconnected to a handheld control/recording unit with LCD panel.


    · Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 10x zoom lens

    · 1/5” Exmor CMOS sensor with ClearVid pixel layout

    · Full 1920x1080 MPEG-4 AVCHD recording

    · Includes everything needed for shooting, monitoring, control & playback

    · Amazingly small, approx. 580g complete

    · Splash-proof camera head design

    · Up to 355 minutes of HD recording to 16GB Memory Stock Duo

    · Up to 6 hours continuous recording with battery power






  3. The last underwater video I shot (30 minutes) had a post-production budget of £10,000 sterling. It was in 1991 before you could get broadcast quality on your home computer. Even then we were offered around only £200 per minute to put it on mainstream TV.


    Its come a long way since then John.


    I just had a show broadcast on NHK-BS tonight - 70% my footage ( Natural History Japan - National Broadcast - 8.30 Sat Night Special ) - the budget was stupid with $ wasted on flying crews in to location who failed to get the shots etc.


    It was a tough negotiation but thanks to my hardline I was still able to get real money for the job - firstly it was real HD vision which they wanted , secondly their crew had already failed and they had a broadcast deadline and finally it was just damned good vision ( even if it was of my B roll ) .


    It really pays to properly understand the customers position - in this case they were very needy. :B):

  4. Drew your soon be selling 'AGAIN' to buy Scarlet... But then no one will be buying because they will want SCARLET as well...


    Once again people... equipment will be upgraded every 6 months there will be a 5D MkIII soon with better video quality... For the money your paying look at Scarlet... Unless your loaded then buy everything...


    Dive safe




    The big difference between Scarlet and the 5DMk11 is that the the Canon is real and is available now.

  5. Jack McCoy has been using a SeaBob with a video camera attached via custom housing mount and dome for Dolphin POV shots in his surf movies for a while - like Jim he needs indestructable equipment.

  6. I expect all the usual suspects will gather in the Irish Pub across the street.


    Someday all those film cameras we have laying around are going to worth a lot of money.



    Here you go if you would like to make an investment that is likely to give your broker / bank manager / wife a heartache.

    All in perfect working order fully serviced just ready to make the right investor a fortune in future gains :) :) :)



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