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  1. I would use Johnsons Baby Shampoo - its cheap , easy to transport in this modern age and doesn't damage ( etch ) the glass.
  2. Be straight forward at the beginning of the day. Introduce yourself to all the guests on the boat and explain your function and the intended purpose of the images. If they are available for purchase - tell the guests how to view and in turn purchase them, if they are not available for general purchase also tell them We offer digital files of approx 4 Mp Jpg on discs - no print option is offered on day tourism images simply because a disc travels better. As an operator we have far less issues with digital files than we did with 5 x 7 prints.
  3. $7995.00 USD converted to AUD inc taxes = $12995.00 - double ouch. At least I already have the housing.
  4. SS-06127 DX-S5PRO/D200 DIGITAL SLR HOUSING, COMPLETE NEW IN BOX. FOR FUJI S5PRO OR NIKON D200 CAMERA. $999.95 $2799.00 Sea & Sea website - close out deals
  5. Hey Damien, Sounds like the best option for you would be on Jim Abernathy's boat MV Shearwater. Here is the link you need JASA. Start saving those south pacific pesos.
  6. Have look here - the SikaFlex brand has a range of products that have been developed specifically for the marine environment. Just be careful with handling as it sticks like ..... to a blanket
  7. I'm not sure that I would risk any income producing time on what is at best a makeshift work around. For sure I would not be prepared to take a chance with a clients money (or even mine ) given the cost of a few cards is a relatively minor part of the overall budget. Not shooting the messenger here as it certainly would be good to have this option as a plan C although I would be inclined to invest the money is an small SxS card.
  8. Sounds like you need to figure a few things out. 1. Getting a replacement camera ( Ricoh GX100 or Sea & Sea DX1G ) will be infinitely cheaper than housing the Sony A700. 2. Exactly how much money you wish to invest in your underwater hobby. 3. If you decide to house the Alpha the $1500 USD price you mention isn't any where near the total price as you would need to add at least 1 port and gear ( probably more ) and at least 1 strobe set ( strobe, control arms and synch cord ) apart from paying shipping , customs fees , import duty and taxes in south pacific pesos given you live in Australia. You have already said the camera was killed due to operator error - are you prepared to repeat the process with your new Sony ??
  9. Check out wetpixel sponsor http://www.divephotoguide.com/. All the info you need is already there.
  10. I don't think you could physically fit the REDEYE in the bluefin housing / flat port combo and retain use of the flip filters.
  11. Reads like you have bit of practise "whipping out the drill" - or have I made the wrong assumption ?
  12. Get which on - the diopter of the camera ?
  13. As long as he doesn't fall out the window we'll be safe.
  14. Interesting to hear - what happened to your earlier unit ??? Send m a PM.
  15. This is were a little research and working your Frequent Flyer levels works out for you. I regularly fly with 3 Pelicans 1620's as Checked Baggage 30KG each ) , and when I use Qantas ( Gold F/F ) am able to get the first 55KG without any charge as well as having 2 Carry one pieces. EXS is charged at a managable $7 per kilo . Domestically it cost me just $ 22 flat for the third case.
  16. The kit includes a new back ( with no viewfinder ) , a new mounting tray and a new internal lever for the focus mode ( CSM ) selector.
  17. Sounds like you need to update the Raw Plug-In. Adobe Raw Update - PC
  18. Just to throw a spanner in the works. Aquatica have a great housing for the D60 - it accepts the full range of Aquatica accessories and ports. Here is a link to the housing Aquatica D40 / D60 I know the local dealer - I'm sure he will give you a great deal
  19. Mmmm - just the mention of the Eastern Fields get my attention. Carl's is my absolute favourite dive ever - on our expedition this past January we did over 30 dives with out shifting the boat. Interesting observation from that expedition was No Sharks which had not been my experience on a number of expeditions albeit a few years ago , makes me think the longliners / finning operations have been through the area. Have not been to Portlock or Ashmore for a few years now - hope it is still sharky. Let's go.
  20. I have a Gmail account and still cannot access the site. I get this message Insufficient privileges Sorry, ...........@gmail.com does not have permission to view this page. Please verify you are using the correct account, or contact the site owners. Cheers Peter
  21. Hey Tristan , Good to see you here - sort of like having a busman's holiday........ I sort pretty hard in the first dump and usually end up with around 20 % that gets whittled down to 2-5% depending on the subject and assignment. Sometimes the clients just want the lot warts and all. In which case its pretty easy to surrender to the will of the DP or CD.
  22. The site will be updated soon. Fathom 110 WA lense Part #802-0211 $2700USD Fathom 90 WA lense Part #802-0210 $900 USD
  23. Light & Motion offers the Fathom 110 as a optional port for both the Stingray HD and the Bluefin SR12 housings.
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