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  1. Bulkhead is screw in - Cable is wetlink - $75
  2. I have a new Tetra Bulkhead - I Don't recall if its from a Tetra 5050 or 5060. Don't recall if they have the same cable plugs on the ends. Also have a new wetlink cable. Still have a like new Tetra 5060 and Fisheye port. All is in Australia
  3. I have a new TETRA bulkhead here $45.00 USD by Paypal plus postage . Postage by Air to the US is $15.00 Total $60.00 ( note to moderators : this is response to a request for help - not a solicitation for business )
  4. It was always a favourite part of the trip to have Dickie join for Dinner and if you got lucky a few days of stories and good company. RIP Dickie.
  5. Hey Howard , I know your in love with the system but I'm concerned your starting to sound like my 15 year old son !
  6. GH3 housings have been field tested and it was decided to make a minor revision to the design. Not a secret release but a mistake from me in early announcement in eagerness to answer the question. Sorry for the false alarm
  7. The Nauticam unit will start to ship in the next 3-4 weeks. Compatibility with Z240 , YS110 & D1 is confirmed. Pricing is $220 USD
  8. Sorry to be pedantic. I think what you meant to say is : The cold shoe mount on my housing was made of plastic rather than the housing is made of plastic.
  9. 1/4 inch - 20 threads per inch - 1/4 UNC Available at any bolt / hardware store. Try the old fashioned way - Townville Fasteners 07 4257799
  10. And since when has that stopped you ?
  11. I fear no nipple..............
  12. Great pictures - it must be a record 7 Epics in the water on the same dive.
  13. I would do the 4 day trip on Spirit of Freedom. You can do the Cod Hole / Ribbon Reefs only or combine it with the Coral Sea & Osprey Reef.
  14. Bravo - Excellent first set of images. Let us see more once you get the new rig dialled in.
  15. I believe HK Airport duty free will be more expensive than you can source similar products via the online grey channels from the comfort of your lounge room. Plus your likely to encounter issues at the border on import - if you declare that is !! Warranty / Service issues also need to be considered. My view - it's not worth the hassle.
  16. While all of your favoured lenses will work behind a 8" dome the general opinion is that they produce much nicer results behind 9" or bigger Glass Domes. There has been much discussion about the 14-24 vs 16-35 for underwater with the general vote heading to the 16-35. If you have the Ikelite System you port choices are are much more limited Modular - 8" Dome Requires: — 5510.45 dome assembly — 5510.28 port body
  17. What Gudge said - the guys at Sundive just make it easy and are very photo friendly.
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