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  1. I have a new Tetra Bulkhead - I Don't recall if its from a Tetra 5050 or 5060.


    Don't recall if they have the same cable plugs on the ends.


    Also have a new wetlink cable.


    Still have a like new Tetra 5060 and Fisheye port.


    All is in Australia

  2. I have a new TETRA bulkhead here $45.00 USD by Paypal plus postage .


    Postage by Air to the US is $15.00


    Total $60.00


    ( note to moderators : this is response to a request for help - not a solicitation for business )

  3. My Nauticam housing for my LX5 was made of plastic. Mine cracked on one of its first dives. I wouldn't recommend using the cold shoe unless Nauticam is now making them out of metal. The M10 mounting base is a better option.


    what are the port options for the 7-14mm?

    Sorry to be pedantic.


    I think what you meant to say is :


    The cold shoe mount on my housing was made of plastic rather than the housing is made of plastic.

  4. If you are going to be in Singapore on April 19th for ADEX, please join Scubacam SIngapore and Wetpixel for the Full Frame Drinks and Eats Party at Verve Pizza Bar from 2030hrs (8.30pm) till late! From manufacturers to professional camera people to avid amateur enthusiast will be there to enjoy "the" party to be at on the first night of ADEX. All are welcome!



    Verve Pizza Bar

    11 Marina Boulevard

    Ground Floor

    Marina Bay City


    Time: 8.30pm (2030hrs) till LATE




    Verve Pizza Bar is about 100m from the West end of Marina Bay City Gallery. Just walk out of the convention center, walk west until you are past the big mall and you'll see it at the corner of the small parking lot and garden. See you there!


    Google Maps


    PS: Thanks to Peter for letting me raid his post! :)

  5. I believe HK Airport duty free will be more expensive than you can source similar products via the online grey channels from the comfort of your lounge room.


    Plus your likely to encounter issues at the border on import - if you declare that is !!


    Warranty / Service issues also need to be considered.


    My view - it's not worth the hassle.

  6. While all of your favoured lenses will work behind a 8" dome the general opinion is that they produce much nicer results behind 9" or bigger Glass Domes.


    There has been much discussion about the 14-24 vs 16-35 for underwater with the general vote heading to the 16-35.


    If you have the Ikelite System you port choices are are much more limited


    Modular - 8" Dome


    — 5510.45 dome assembly

    — 5510.28 port body



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