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  1. Good work - haven't seen the Bathurst lighthouse from that view before.
  2. Sounds like the light has been put into lock out mode by accident. Your SOLA 1200 Video is a late model version that has the additional safety lock out mode ( shown by the lock on the control panel ) With the Light off , hold the switch in the forward position for 4 secs. The light then turns on , then off, and the dashboard lights flash red 5 times. The light is now in travel lock out mode and will not turn on. The light will charge in this mode but will not switch on To exit , hold the switch forward for 4 seconds. The dashboard lights will flash green 5 times and the light then turns on It should now be back on operation mode. Take heart in knowing your not the first person the be locked out. Peter
  3. What a great set of images. It seems there is no doubt the RX100 is viable option when teamed up with the correct accessory selection.
  4. Great shots Alex - which Fisheye FIX lens did you use ?
  5. Great work - of course you you were shooting with the RED ?
  6. PM sent - Yes the Fig Tree lodge is still there but it has new operators now.
  7. I have the original glass dome - like new. PM if your interested
  8. Recommendation was based on using the lights as fill in a wide angle available light situation. The extra power of the 1200 will give extra penetration in a bright ambient situation - if it's still to bright it can always be turned down where a 800 can't be turned up if its not bright enough. Poor use of english - forgive me i'm a colonial.
  9. Sounds like the SOLA 1200 photo is the perfect choice. Physically the same size as the SOLA 800. 50% more white light power to suit those bright days you mention while still having 3 levels of RED for the macro / night. my 2 cents.
  10. Hey Matti, Good work - maybe the whaleshark gods will smile and give you the Yin Yang next time
  11. I also have a few - do they need to be working , whats the pod length and which connectors ?
  12. Your on the right track - gentle pressure with a very large slot head screw driver.
  13. Can you post a photo of your system. Early battery pods were attached with super type of velcro.
  14. Let's just hope whatever it is that Nikon do , it's better executed than the Canon 60D insert into their model range.
  15. Hey Matt, Great work
  16. Fantastic use of language - bring on the discussions
  17. It's not over yet by a long shot !
  18. That is a classic. I wonder what sort of release would be required for permission to embed that other persons work into the IPTC data for free ?
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