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  1. I think the idea of an additional threaded hole is good one. Would it be too difficult for there to be a standard offering for non TTL wet con synch cords. ( Jean did suggest a standard synch cord last year ) http://www.impulse-ent.com/pdfs/IE2.pdf This way brand x housing could connect to brand y strobes using the wet con as the common element. I understand that this would be of no use for people that are yet to join TTL anonymous........... divided again !
  2. I have used a Seaquest D3 for the last 12 years. In that time the inflator hose has go a little shorter each service - it's finished just perfect at about 6" in length.( no more dangly bits ) The things I liked about it was it's relatively low volume and uncluttered ( no pockets ) frontal area. It fitted just like harness / backpack combination with the advantage of a bit of lift if you needed it. Sadly my girth has increased more than the potential of the cummerband........ and it has now been replaced with a Scubapro Knighthawk. It is one of the most comfortable BC's I have used , although slighty larger pockets and a shorter inflator hose would be positive improvements - certainly while I like this new BC I can't see it becoming a permanent addition.
  3. Jean is aboslutely correct - the D2H fits. I have both the Aquatica & the Subal and the D2H fits the both housing's perfectly.
  4. On close inspection my ND2 housing I would think that the LCD o-rings would be user servicable. I would further estimate that the orings would be available from your local o-ring upply company. Installing them should be no problem - if you get stuck give me a call. 0418 183755
  5. Thanks Dru - I knew that someone would come through. Here is a link to the monitor. http://www.adval.it/monitor.html It only talks about PAL std and looks like it uses a amphibico style 3 pin wet connector.
  6. Nick , I have been using a 2.5 Gates Monitor on the Z1 housing with fair luck. Sure it will great to get a native 16:9 screen but until it comes readilly available a 2.5 will do for most - if size is immediately important Have John to get you a 4" Monitor gates monitor good luckjava script:emoticon('')
  7. I recall seeing a widescreen LCD monitor at a DEMA show some years ago - the name of the firm exhibiting eludes me ( I will check my diaries to search more completely once I get to the office). I believe the chap was italian / swiss italian ( do't be offended if I got it wrong ), Lets say european and that he had also developed a very special lens "the tallesector " again spelling is probally wrong. This lens had the amazing ability to focus down to very small object's and maintain amazing depth of field. I saw that the lens were modified and fitted to Amphibico . Gates - (I think Lawrence Wahba got one ) and from memory to some Light & Motion Bluefins. They also had unique system that used fitted high density foam block asa bouyancy solution. It was fairly popular in eorope as I understand. Perhaps some of our more distinguished member's recall the very expensive lense ( over 5K in those days ) that i am talking about - this memory could lead us to the maker of those 7" wide screen LCD monitors that were exhibited at that show all those years ago. The things you can remember is uncanny..............
  8. COR, Eric is aware of the circumstances - will try to be to the dinner. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else, be in touch closer to the date.
  9. Ahhh The penny drops...................... .................................................................................................... ..........................................AS LONG AS I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS HAVVING THE SAME ISSUE I have a number of YS90 DX , DUO , Auto strobes ( these are our standard rental strobe - approx 20 in rental ) that have developed an intermittent firing problem similar to what you are describing. About 6 have developed this issue. Non of these strobes had been flooded. It is highly likely that they have been connected to my D2X. ( since replaced with ever reliable Inon Z220 strobes.) They are actually at Sea & Sea in Japan getting appraised at the moment ( Sea & Sea's local agent has a new policy and boxes things and sends to Japan for repair ) ( 3 MONTHS SO FAR ) I will keep you posted on the final determination.
  10. Spangles always love a bit of sausage..... Might get disqualified under the epic rules though ;; "fish was influenced by whereabouts of safety sausage "
  11. Hey Garry - nice shot given the conditions of the water these past few days. The spangled was probally keen on what was in you pocket.
  12. I'm sure they will be glad to accept the footage from the FX1. Like Mike said ,,, Head down.
  13. Wags, Just checked the latest. BOM say's it will probally be 5 by the time you wake up. This should make a pretty good 5 mins for the ABC. Beer , BBQ's , Beer. P Did I say remember to get spare beer ??
  14. Poor Wags, Remember all the important cyclone preparation rules. 1 - Fill the fridge with beer. 2 - Get generator / fuel / gas. 3 - Fill eskies with ice for extra beer. 3 - Connect generator to fridge. 4 - Make sure every one else has beer. 5 - Get extra gas for BBQ - you can't survive on just beer. 6 - Check beer is cold enough. Enjoy your cyclone.
  15. The real impact of the cyclone ( typhoon ) was felt in the smaller towns of Innisfail & Babinda. These towns are located 90 & 60 kilometeres south of Cairns and have been basically flattened by the Cyclone. Will be down the farm tomorrow to check on the mess ( flattened all buildings and crops - no harvest = no new camera's ) , and will post some snaps for those interested. The broader communities in this region will have the greatest economic impact given that all the crops have been destroyed and the next planting season will be at least 6-12 months away with the harvest ( payday ) a good time after that. In terms of the reef - no evidence of any damage from the cyclone. We had boats that visited a number of sites off from Cairns today & yesterday. Visibility had returned ( cloudy 15 meters ) and the ocean was relatively settled. As Wags has rightly observed the real concern is for the new cyclone that is currently brewing and seemingly following a similar path to Larry. How about Wags problem with the coral spawning early - I hope it's not contagious
  16. Check this link out for paint chip repair kits. http://www.langka.com/
  17. hey paul, Have you tested the Phenom white balance up against the bluefin ? dont wanna start war here but was just wondering ? I'm tending to think that heading you way for week or so good be productive, what do you think ? put the bluey and the phenom side by side and let it rip,..... Lest we could have a beer of 5 while it was sorted out. See you soon ( come over to sydney with gudge for a sip or 3 and i will return with you - can show you a few poles while your there. )
  18. Hrey ron ,,Looks like your on target for fine home movie. Could be tightened a little which i'm sure you will do . well done
  19. The place Mike is thinking of is called Gunung Api , located in the Banda Sea. Thick with sea snakes.
  20. 2 x EVO std - both have been fitted with optional WB control. One has done less than 10 dives, other is still in the box. Owner has changed direction so must go to help pay for new cameras . Housings have full warranty. They are currently in Rainy Cairns and can be delivered worldwide at short notice. PM me for details
  21. Mike, Best option with HC1 is either auto WB and filter or as you said engage man WB mode ( via touch screen, which incedently I hate with a passion ) and go through the power down / restart process.
  22. Have just finished unboxing my nice new Bluefin HDV and 80 degree wide lense assy - what a fantastic piece of equipment. It certainly is the best HDV housing that I have seen so far - the finish and quality of design just ooze excellence. Certainly it has been well worth waiting for The thought has crossed my mind regarding which camera is better if we put the audio issue's aside. Wondering what the members valuable opinions and experiences are . Is the Z1 worth all that extra money ? Do I really need to have balanced bubbles & muffled voices .. or just fix it all in post. All opinions appreciated as I need to order camera shortly one way or the other. In advance Peter
  23. VF-MP5K is the correct filter for your housing. It will make the worl of difference to your images. Enjoy.
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