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  1. Hey Cal, Save the penny's and get the PHASE with a big back. Images are great - perfect for what your doing and well supported with great glass available
  2. Great Post - Been considering the IOL procedure for multi-focals for a while. Keep us informed of your progress as your eyes / muscles get accustomed to things. Peter
  3. Can you get the strobes to fire by not having the Sea & Sea TTL convertor installed ? Strobe / Bulkhead / Hotshoe ?
  4. Great job Kelly. Glad to see your keeping active.
  5. I travel with both the 45 & 180 in their neoprene pouches stowed loose in the tray in top of my Pelican 1620 and have had no problems.
  6. Great set of shots. Really like the images from Busselton Jetty.
  7. I'm thinking Jules is shooting a Gates Z1 / Fathom combo.
  8. Encase the camera and lens in clear casting resin and use it as a paper weight.
  9. Nauticam have just announced the Nauticam NA -D800 will be priced at $3600 USD. Pre - orders have now opened so contact your local dealer. They are anticipating an April ship date.
  10. I can help - Australia may be just a bit to far away......
  11. Hi John, Sorry to hear of the issue with your charger. Give me a call and I'll get replacement unit organised for you. Peter info@scubapix.com 07 40317655
  12. You can stay as you are or remedy by setting up as intended by Nauticam. Remove the rubber ring from the zoom ring ( you can lift the edge and it will peel away ). Replace this with the inner collar of the gear and then fit the gear to the collar.
  13. It means that you can pipe the HDMI output to an external device like the Atomos Ninja and record in Pro Res 4.22 while monitoring whats going on. I'm sure there are many other devices that will be utilised but I'm most excited about the NINJA. Our friends at Aquatica ( Amphibico ) are developing a housing for both so its an exciting time for those shooters who wish to invest some sheckles in a great solution.
  14. That sounds like a load of rubbish to me. Converting your housing back to the standard viewfinder is a straight forward process as long as you keep the parts.
  15. Do you know this to be fact or is it simply speculation ?
  16. Give me a shout - got one still in the box
  17. Hey Damo, I'm not to sure about who's having the wacky behaviour running past 125m. Are you trying to get the box of death to its job ? P
  18. Have fun boys - hope you have better weather than I've got up here at the moment.
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