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  1. I plugged mine in for the first time this morning...it was charging when I left it and 30 mins later when I checked up on it, the charger was dead....I think the power here in Oz is pretty steady, so the chargers must be a bit iffy...sent Light and Motion an email to see if they can send me a new one as they kindly did to yourself and also asking Backscatter for help....


    Hi John,

    Sorry to hear of the issue with your charger.

    Give me a call and I'll get replacement unit organised for you.



    07 40317655

  2. I'm on a dive trip right now, so I needed a solution right away. My temporary fix is now working - I used some electrical tape - a few layers wrapped around the ring give the zoom gear a tight fit without using the ring.


    You can stay as you are or remedy by setting up as intended by Nauticam.


    Remove the rubber ring from the zoom ring ( you can lift the edge and it will peel away ).


    Replace this with the inner collar of the gear and then fit the gear to the collar.

  3. Also would like to understand the implications of the uncompressed video output: 'Even more unusually, it's possible to have the live feed piped to the D4's HDMI port as an uncompressed full HD signal, allowing it to be recorded using an external device and/or routed to an external monitor'


    It means that you can pipe the HDMI output to an external device like the Atomos Ninja and record in Pro Res 4.22 while monitoring whats going on.

    I'm sure there are many other devices that will be utilised but I'm most excited about the NINJA.


    Our friends at Aquatica ( Amphibico ) are developing a housing for both so its an exciting time for those shooters who wish to invest some sheckles in a great solution.

  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gates-Underwater-H...;/320824360966...


    This is a Gates Underwater Housing for a Sony FX1/Z1U. It comes with the Standard Port SP44 dome and delrin port cover.


    It has been on a shelf for a couple of years and was used as a display unit. This would be ideal for an FX1/Z1U shooter looking to get into underwater, or for an existing shooter to pick up a B camera or a backup housing.


    It is missing the color correction filter and tripod screw. It has not been pressure-tested or recently serviced--I would recommend that the buyer contact Gates Underwater Housings for information on servicing it before attempting to dive it.


    This housing unit retailed new at $7299. Sony FX1/Z1U camera NOT included.


    I'm looking to get about $1200 for it--this cost is based on the fact that it will probably need a service from Gates to dive. If you don't like eBay, make me an offer here, but paypal will probably be involved either way...



    PM sent

  5. If you choose to go with the Canon XF 100 with Equinox HD8X, I will give you my Equinox HD8X, absolutely free of charge. You would only have to pay for shipping from Singapore to wherever you are. It weighs 32 kg.


    Free if you pay the shipping cost.






    Does it really weigh 32kgs ?

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