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  1. Erik, Glad to see you finally decided on which camera to get. The L&M housing is a beautifull thing - what lens did you get ? Peter
  2. Hey Rob, In my inexperienced view - you have a perfect lense kit - irrespective of the body that you combine them with. All are fastest in class / best in group. Keep the 17-35 - it's like a spare dinger - just comes in handy sometimes:) I have a sigma 14 that i am diving at the moment, and it is a different lense to the 16mm Nikon
  3. I would view your lens bag as perfect. The only addition i would make is a macromate from backscatter.
  4. Hey Paul, Got a bed and some diving..... if my next trip to RA goes astray I am thinking to head over there for a few weeks & play with the Bluefin HD - we could even have a vignette out competition - see who is the winner - what do you reckon ? Then you can join me on one of my expeditions north. Winner pay all. Best Peter ( i have an unpacked shute
  5. I'm with Alex - this a serious lens for sharking, especially in water that you see more than 2 feet. It is without doubt the lens that has been my most productive sharky lense for a while. Sharp as a tack everytime.
  6. Have to say I'm with Kasey on this one. Let the funds be deposited into you account and clear well before you ship - normal business !
  7. Eric, Either the Kata or the Portabrace would carry the items you mention. I looked at the Kata previously but decided to stay with the Portabrace. ( the shoulder strap is particularly serious ) Air crews seem to be familiar with them as carryon that is full of valuable delicate equipment - I have never been hassled about one of these bags on a commercial flight . In fact often they identify you as film crew and give less obvious considerations (leg room is important for me - upgrades are great - smiles and drinks appreciated ) Depending on the housing you have - it may be possible to remove the handles from the housing and carry it ( with the camera inside ) in the bag. That would still leave the pockets and sleeves available for whatever you need - just dont go near the scales.
  8. I have been using the same "consumer" Manfrotto video head (made of plastic ) attached to either the aluminium legs it came with, or just the centre post ( pole - hollow tube as a monopod) since I got my first VX-1 ( VX-3 in NTSC ). Over the years it has got a lot of laugh's at it's decaying but very functional state - in fact it is still out on the boat waiting for my expedition to Rajah Ampat next month. The only maintenance it has ever had is a fresh water rinse ( occassional ) and a periodic spray with CRC. I have also been using a an ULCS universal adaptor , a clamp , and a 12" arm ( cut in half ) as a monopod for stills. The KISS method works works for me - it ain't broke so don't fix it !
  9. It will be interesting to get one of these in my hands. We have had a number of customers succeccfully install HC1 / A1 camera is housings that were built for the TRV950. I in turn have fitted a TRV950 into a EVO HC1 housing. I wonder if it is a near fit to some previous camera ? ??? Sort of looks like the TR3400. It looks like you could fit the HC3 with a wideangle lense fitted in the TopDawg housing and be able to use the monitor back. all my 2 cents are starting to add up to 4 cents Peter
  10. Eric, Check out the offerings from portabrace. Have been using them to transport our cameras for along time and can highly recomend them. Peter
  11. There is known issue with the contacts on the chargers. The tabs in the charging cradle are easy to put out of alignment - causing improper charge's and false readings. You would think for the money this unit cost's the manufacturers would get it right ! $400 light and a 50 cent charge cradle - must be made in China !
  12. I have alway made it a habit to use tapes that have had at least one pass - this serves to remove any loose material that may have been left on the tape from the manufacturing process. That said - I always try to use Sony tapes in our machines.
  13. Does this mean that you sold the image or that you have released this image for unlimited perpetual use by these people ? Never underestimate the value of your work - it's like doing a high dive . The degree of difficulty multiplied by the uniqueness of the shot equals the dollar value.................. Nice shot by the way. Peter
  14. Nick, FOV is fine - I did try it with a 100 degree lens that I have in my box of trick's and found the curvature to be excessive & that the image was a little soft. For use in a tourst operation such as yours this will be more than enough. The Standard lens is plenty sharp enough , it is in fact the same lens that has been on the earlier DV & DVCAM offerings from Amphibico. Erik, In a word - NO ( Wagsy has a bit more spare time than some of us )
  15. I just finished 10 days in the Coral Sea with an A1 / Evo Pro combination. I think this is a terrific combination for most people - if anything it is a little small for my big hands. I was able clip it on while I was shooting stills. The simplicity of the whole package makes it a blessing after fiddling with a Z1 in various housings. No Vignetting at all - this might be enough reason on it's own for some people to choose this package. My 2 cents Peter
  16. Wags I'm guessing the first grab is from the A1 ?
  17. Lambis, I can understand the frustration that you are freeling - imagine the frustration that a "stocking reseller / local distributor" must feel when a manufacturer deals direct with a customer from their region or territory. Providing service & advice is one thing, but actually selling direct is a whole other issue. I would recomend that you contact you manufacturer of choice , explain the issues that you have and ask them to direct you to a dealer that provides the type of support you need. From reading your post I would suggest that you take up the issue of poor support / product knowledge with the local agent to see if they can improve on it for you. Perhaps they too, are overwhelmed by the rapid changes in equipment and technology in our field. My 2 cents Peter
  18. The unofficial word from PADI Australia is that that they intend to introduce this product in the 2nd Quarter.
  19. Probally some of the best advice you will ever receive !
  20. hey Gary, Nice pose - would've like to see it lit a bit more evenly, or maybe even from a lower perspective and lit from the base . Still - it was a good days work. Cheers Peter
  21. Wags - more reasons to get on the team -- all the corporate accessories and perks, gratus. Gym, health club , humour in a real office , new harley , latest benz all agoing diving. Get wet on the days that suit you. fantyastic location - Best boss with the sexiest wife. Actually had a hole develop this afternoon that could be you or kelly, Swing into action and make a adult deciscion !!!
  22. James, I was probably ( read completely ) a little muddled by the all the red wine that was being consumed while I wrestled with this question - my mistake. Feel free to move this to the proper forum. Hazily Peter
  23. Looking at the studio performance of the 5D . Full frame is nice , but is it nice enough. It has become a tough job to remain loyal to TEAM Nikon . Wondering who other than the Watt's. Frinks and the Cheng's are committed to this full-frame world. What will the next big move be ?? Who will make the jump ??? Stay tuned for more from well informed phototypes.
  24. I have a fisheye shade and a wide angle shade - both surplus . make you best serious offer - goods are in sunny cairns and so $35.00 postage gets them worldwide airmail. Let me knbow Peter 0418 183755
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