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  1. I would say "get on the gas" if it's available. We charge $10 ( Australian dollars ) per fill, or $180 for a trip ( 7 days - up to 35 dives ). I'm guessing the $1600 was US currency and was for 2 divers for the month. $800 * 30 days @ 4 dives day = $6.67 US per fill not cheap but not over the top either.
  2. Dean, Just wondering why is the EVO PRO a lens nightmare ?? Peter
  3. Sounds like both events will be well a huge success. Like they say in real-estate " LOCATION , LOCATION , LOCATION !
  4. Hey Dean, NEVER SAY NEVER.... How many days do you want to rent one for ???
  5. Julian, I am the dremelling offender. Craig for you info re the zoom ring modification. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9700
  6. Julian, My misunderstanding...... I must have gotten confused in the translation to "Australian"
  7. I would think that Terry & Dave would be able to have a bracket made or adjust one ( if it doesn't already exist ) that will fit the NEXUS and not work loose. A spring washer and some loctite should fix it. The handles tighten well when ALL the supplied washers are used and torqued correctly.
  8. Julian. Happy New Year to you ! A "Dremel" is a a compact hi-speed multi purpose grinding tool ! http://www.dremel.com/ Very handy for adjusting focus / zoom gears etc. No workshop should be without one. Regarding the focus issues with the 16mm. A small story is neccessary On a extended field trip I flooded my surviving D2X ( I had already killed a couple ), field repairs got it functioning with the exception of auto focus. This caused me to go back to basics, and manually focus the lens ,No real problem just something I hadn't done for a long time. The results were sufficient that I now often ( always ) shoot this lens as a manual device. Perhaps Lambis should try shooting the lens as a manual lens and see if the issues go away. : B) Peter Peter :
  9. Have to agree with Mike on this one. 17-35 is a great shark lens. Hey Mike - Hows your head this morning ???? Cheers
  10. Dom, Welcome to Wetpixel. Good to have another aussie join the ranks. Should be able to help out with the Titan Ports. Cheers Peter
  11. Lambis, ULCS have all the parts you need. Part # TR-SC & AC-HQD should do the job. The TR-SC bracket is used on the subal housings - a quick check shows it should fit the nexus. I'm sure ULCS can confirm for you.
  12. Scott Kelby's - CS2 for digital photgraphers would be a pretty good addition to anyone's library.
  13. David, PNG is a big place with a bigger diversity in diving options. Follow this link to the PNG dive association , it lists all of the diving operators in the region and would be a great starting point. http://www.pngdive.com This map show's the general area and location of the various airports and oeprators. Robert's recommendation of Chertan is pretty hard to fault for a photo specific trip. I have done several trips on the Golden Dawn and the Febrina and can recommend either very highly. The Golden Dawn has KISS rebreathers on board ( training is available ). For land based diving Walindi is excellent. The diving in at Loloata should not be overlooked - many folks use it as stopover on the way in or out of the country. Cheers
  14. Citizen used to offer a small display that was fitted to some of the early Sony housings. Consdidering your expertise at housing items - I would look at a universal monitor as fitted to many car DVD systems. Check it out. 6" HIGH RESOLUTION WIDE SCREEN TFT ACTIVE MATRIX DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 1152 X 234 PIXELS WIDE ANGLE, OFF-AXIS VISIBILITY FRONT PANEL CONTROLS ON-SCREEN MENU SYSTEM AUDIO/VIDEO INPUT CONTROLS NTSC/PAL COMPATIBLE WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/Pr...ProductID=14391 Just an idea !
  15. Wondering if anybody has an English translation of the instructions for this strobe ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Merry Christmas to all. Remember....... always hold your breath.
  17. I have been using a 23" HD monitor as display monitor for trade shows and as a plugin on my desktop - simply sensational. The only thing better is dual 30's. That is another story. Cheers
  18. Am I wrong ? My understanding is that COT are a a highly mobile species in a larvael stage , and that by the time you can see them all you can do is at best contain them ! Crown-of thorns starfish begin life as a tiny swimming larvae and settle onto coral reefs at the size of only 0.5mm in diameter. These small starfish feed on algae and live amongst dead coral rubble teeming with large numbers of other animals, including predatory crabs and shrimps, which may eat the small starfish. As they grow, the starfish must emerge from the protection of the coral rubble to feed on live corals. When they do this they expose themselves to other types of predators, such as fish. We need to know what types of animals eat small crown-of-thorns starfish, and at what rates they feed. This is the information that will enable us to understand the important factors which effect the numbers of starfish which actually survive to adulthood on reefs on a global basis. I do recall being spiked many times while trying to kill ( remove ) one of these things. Quite an inconvenience as I recall....... Cheers Peter
  19. Are you saying that under the same light circumstance ( ie macro / close up and lit with proper lighting ) that FX1/Z1 vs HC1/AU1 will be similar in resolution ? huh: Perhaps the only difference the trained eye may see would se would be in saturation of the reds ( a known trouble area for NTSC ) I have used a Z1 in ALL the currently available housings with HID lights, and found the results to be varied. The main difference seems to be in light quality rather than low light capabilty. I have used a A1 as a control piece ( auto white balance ) in a variety of situations and found it to be the equal of a Z1 in the same lighting situations. Just wondering if it is in fact worth lugging a monster about or not ? What are the members thoughts ? Peter ps Merry Xmas to all
  20. There was a Spanish guy operating a Pinisi from Maumere in Flores a few months ago -the name of the boat escapes me. I saw them in both Flores and Alor last October. I recall that the stewardess's on our boat were pretty excited about this guy............ Peter
  21. In my humble opiniion. The www.topdawgvideo.com.au llink is a great place to start - - it won;t break the bank and will give you fundamental control over key features deemed essential by those who supposedly know. End of the day you can upgrade your camera in this system more than others - for minimum cost in changeover. Spend a few of your own dollars' and develop an opinion of your own - based on experience not conjecture, thats our job. Never met an unhappy TOPDAWG owner. You be the judge,
  22. LONG LIVE ERIC - AND THE REST OF THE ELECTONICS CONSUMER'S " "Eric the Chivalrous " Globally tiny community ! B)
  23. My first meaningful digital SLR housing was from UK - Germany for the 300D. It was one of the best finished products that I have ever had the pleasure to use. Even the inside of the housing was flocked ( like SEACAM ) to avoid moisture issues from small floods etc, Uwe has always been helpful for serious folk , particularly when you just have to have one - NOW !!! They would do better in the western ( english speaking ) world with a little more english skill/ western acumen and a much kinder exchange on the Euro. We must take our hat's off and salute to the small manufacturers that are always there. Again my fifty cents , must go there is another bottle of wine heading this way
  24. Just wondering ? Has any one tried to fit a D200 in to a D100 housing. If so - which housing , what worked , how'd it look , when are you getting it wet ! Comm'on you guys - get on the pace, PLEASE ! Peter the impatient.
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