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  1. Extension ring 70 (70mm), no diopter. I am using the same set-up. BTW, you can find this info also on Subal's webpage (www.subal.com)



    Wondering if any one has a link to the elusive port / extension ring / diopeter guide / chart. ciopy will do nicely )


    I have searched around the port page and can find nothing other than a quick mention that it is available


    To quote the subal page " The complete range of ports can be found on a separate up to date lens/port chart.



    I must get some new glasses....................



    Peter the blind

  2. There has been quite a bit of discussion over a number of topics on the best combo's.


    I was just wondering what port / ring / diopter coimbo's the members were using.


    I have been shooting the D2X /Subal combo with 12-24 +2 diopeter/ 50mm ext / DE2 Dome and experiencing less that 100% results - is it me ???? ( it could be i need new glasses )


    Wondering who's shooting what and when.




  3. I have to give Douglas David Seifert my vote for having undiminished style ! ( he is the best dressed u/w photgrapher I have ever seen ) Doug has been there since day one - helping, promoting, but above all shooting fantastic images. www.douglasseifert.com


    Jim Watt for his unbridled enthusiasm for the medium and his willingness to share !


    And finaly Berkley White not for any other reason than the continual encouragement he provides and the inspiration that is given so freely.........



  4. As expected the first Minke whales of the season were sighted from the boat TAKA enroute to Cairns from the COD HOLE 1st June.


    Here a few shots of them - it will only get better as theseason get's on and the water get cooler cooler = clear in this part of the world.



  5. William,


    I agree with you - it is a real pain in the behind to be put in that position to be asked to GIVE your images away for free.


    Most of the dive operators in North Queensland have commercial arrangement's with a external imaging ( video / photo ) company or have their own people on the boats shooting images / vision of the day that is for sale.


    I'm sure that they were not happy about having their income eroded either.


    It is a real pain when the customers pressure a enthusiast for such things.


    It is a bigger pain when the enthusiast complies often causing strained relations between guest's and the staff.


    I'm sure that you did the right thing .



  6. I have a unit for the D100 that will be available in the next few weeks.


    ( ports FE-2 and macro port 60mm ext ring 50. gears to suit 17-35 & 60 )


    Condition is 8/10 - they have done some diving and have a few marks here and there. No real isssues.


    PM me with your offer ( I can have them delivered to your door world wide )

  7. Alex,


    Surely you meant to say " best price " rather than best deal !


    Best deal includes the knowledge that the price paid either includes service , warranty , help , advice , tips , or if it was the unupgradable "NO SERVICE & SUPPORT" best price that includes nothing except what comes in the box !


    Sometimes the only way to get a "must have" item is to source it outside of normal channel's.


    This always comes at a cost.



  8. I have bought 3 of these beauties from 3 different countires.


    The prices paid were spread from bargain to MAP.


    The first was from a Nikon Dealer in Japan ( yodobashi ) 498000 Yen - there were none available in Australia ( the next 3 deliveries is still fully committed ) and I just had to have one , the second was purchased in Hong Kong ( Rainbow Photographic in Kowloon ) 33,000 HK dollars - it was an opportunistic purchase at a great price.

    and one this week from Backscatter in Monterey $4995.00 USD


    All will have different levels of support and warranty conditions due to the purchase points , all of which is understood and accepted.


    The best advice would be to purchase a unit from an authorised dealer ( Wetpixel supporter ) that is in your market to ensure the support and service you need.

  9. Anders,


    The camera has performed fairly well in reasonable available light. The average conditions that I used it in were at best 20 meteres and then full of matter in the water column.


    Where the camera really shined was in it's image quality when HID lighting was introduced to the equation.


    I think the PD150 was a little better in low light ....... then it really hard to compare the two images as they are so different.






  10. Scubadru - let me qualify my statement.


    I have been primarily a film / video guy for the past 15 years , I have an old housed Betacam SP unit and a Digi Betacam unit and assorted lenses to suit. also have a super 16 A Minimar from Aaton housed. I currently use my first AVID editing system as a footrest ( it takes turns with my rebreather ) , stills have been an annoying thing, until I started to shoot digital SLR'S - then they became an all consuming passion.


    I have fond memories of Gates VX1000 offering ( in fact I still have 2 ). I had the first 3 housings from Gates of the new model ( they were ordered last october ).


    I was that excited about this unit I ordered them before Gates had even become aware of the camera ( that's confidence for you ).


    Still , once the excitement is gone and the moment has passed - this unit brings home some stark reality's.


    The FX-1 / Z-1 is dimensionally a big camera , and as such requires a big housing.


    I respect other peoples opinion's ( especially when they are spending their own money ) me I have spent mine and am simply putting my view forward.


    In short the lack of bulk of the new units for the HC1 will push them into the preferred unit of choice , certainly at the prosumer level. ( Sony tells me this is the target - japanese comes in handy sometimes )



    I will give you a update once I have had a close encounter with them next week as I expect them to be almost a direct fit in to some housings I already have.








    1 Housing ( fully optioned with controls )

    1 Flat port

    1 Std Dome Port


    1 Sony FX1 - PAL camera

    1 Sony 0.8 WA conversiopn lens

    1 Gates monitor ( 2.5")

    1 1620 Pelican case if required



    This unit has been wet twice. In absolutlely as new condition. It is seriously for sale. Freight to any where in the world can be negotiated. Will seperate camera if required.


    Make your offer to



  12. Well done Sony - looking at this unit reminds me of the VX700 ( VX1000's little brother ).


    Let's hope it has similar picture quality and reliabilty.


    I have heard ( actually seen the pictures of models ) that sony intend to offer a consumer version DV/HDV and a DVCAM / HD version just like they offered with the first round of HDV offerings.


    Having just spent 3 weeks pushing a a HDV-Z1 around in a Gates housing - It will be a welcome relief to shed all the weight that has just been thrust upon me. It reminded me so clearly why I was thrilled to get rid of my old housed BetaSP unit.




    The picture quality of this unit will be at least the equal of the current batch of 3 chip offerings. Perhaps some folk who are more qualified than I can offer some technical comparision of the camera's in terms of output.


    I am waiting for the call from Sony (MONDAY ) to get my hands on one of these little beauties to see if it will fit into a housing we already have.


    I can't wait.


    It might be a big call but I think THIS unit will be the next big thing in underwater video provided it lives up the the lineage before it.



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