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  1. A bit sideways from the topic.


    Be VERY carefull when getting real close to Titan Trigger fish. They are unbelievablely territorial when nesting. ( usually about the same time as they let you get close ).


    I got KO'd & 12 stitches a few years back - Titan's have a certain way of making their point !.


    It's almost a daily event to hear of incidents over here.


    We could probally start a whole thread detailing encounter's with this fish.



  2. Thanks for the clarification.


    I too am one of those people examining his options ath the moment. My love for the Titan and it's ease of use is being challenged by the newer bigger faster cameras.


    Manuals fine, but if there is option - surely you would take it with both hands.


    We can only dream about the time of a unified TTL standard compatable with all Digital camera & strobe systems.



    Any body got a bit of seed capital and the time for a START UP ???"

  3. Hey Craig ,


    I'm a bittle simple when it comes to these ttl systems - perhaps you can expain for me.


    This from the Seacam site.


    "There are 2 operating modes to assure precise exposure in both TTL automatic and manual settings. Ergonomic rotary switches are illuminated to provide correct operation even in the dark. In manual there are 7 power levels in steps of one aperture each, and in TTL up to 3 different TTL systems with automatic recognition systems may be built-in. A ready light is visible through the camera viewfinde'


    What does this mean ????

  4. Heres aload of info from Seacam


    Underwater Strobes


    The Seaflash is a new generation for submersible strobe, complete with a sturdy aluminum cast housing enclosing sophisticated electronics supplied by Subtronic, one of Europe's leading electronics innovators. Power comes from Nicad batteries. Charging is accomplished in two -hours or less, and a battery capacity display with LEDs lets the photographer know how much power remains. An undervoltage circuit breaker prevents total discharge, eliminating potential damage to the Nicad power source.


    There are 3 performance classes of the Seacam Seaflash, but common features on each strobe include TTL exposure, textured reflector, a glass dome, slave and signal flash function, automatic charger. A pilot (model) light that may be dimmed by 60% is available. When working with shy, reclusive fish, this combination auto-focus assist and aiming light may be the only way to get the shot.


    There are 2 operating modes to assure precise exposure in both TTL automatic and manual settings. Ergonomic rotary switches are illuminated to provide correct operation even in the dark. In manual there are 7 power levels in steps of one aperture each, and in TTL up to 3 different TTL systems with automatic recognition systems may be built-in. A ready light is visible through the camera viewfinder, and with a quick 2.5-second recycle time, photo-ops will not be lost due to slow recycle.


    Strobe color


    Temperature: The combination of a tinted, color corrected flashtube, textured reflector, and dome glass create natural colors in the underwater environment. There is even an innovative color temperature control controller as an option, allowing any color temperature between 4300 degrees K and 5200 degrees K to be selected. Shooting a peacock flounder on white sand from 6 inches away, dial in a cool color temperature. Shooting a fair skinned model with wide-angle 3 feet away, work at the warm end of the spectrum. A simple yet invaluable concept, executed with elegance and creativity.



    Me i'm thinking that the strobe issue could lead a few people in a new direction.............

  5. IT seems that a number of the wetpixel establishment are moving towards a Canon SEACAM world . This is obviously a descicion made after careful consideration of their particular needs applications etc, Well Done to get past what if to this is what I will have / am going to have.


    My question is on the SEACAM Strobes - as I understand the system strobes speil they are capable of autodetecting the camera that they are connected too and then make the appropriate ?/> /TTL function or deciscion ???



    is ths correct or has my tea been interefered with again




  6. Rand,


    No problems - it will be my pleasure host you in our fair town.


    PM me with the details of your Ningaloo trip and I will see if it can fit into my schedule.


    I am pretty sure that Walindi is fine at this time.


    Darecky - looks like I'll see you there.


    Any one else joining up ??





  7. What an interesting set of opinions.


    Firstly let me state that in all of my years ( the last 25 ) involvement in the Diving Industry I have never been pressured by an employer or operator and have never pressured any one else on this matter in spite of the financial consequence of that come from denying a diver - lost income which can be real tough if it's in the quiet time.


    Once the dreaded box has been ticked - you need to follow the process through to completetion and accept the outcome.


    They must visit a hyperbaric specialist for clearance to dive. It's easy in Cairns as there are about 10 of them here.



    It is never a pleasant thing to tell someone who has their heart set on doing a course, or completing an introductory dive that they need medical clearance.


    Never pleasant to be questioned what would you know ........... I travelled around the world to do this ............. You have ruined my holiday ............. I 'll tell every one about you and you second rate...............


    All these things have been said many times in the past and will continue.


    I would ask people to think about the unpleasant side asthma induced salt water aspiration .


    Consider the first responder - it's never pleasant for him even with a successful outcome. Never pleasant for the other people out having a day's diving. Never pleasnt for any person involved and that is with a positive outcome.


    What about the worst case - a life changing experience for the victim ( dead ), , fine you might say, what about the people involved in trying to save the person.................. what about their buddy ...........


    I think that some people are less suited to diving than others, and that some people just shouldn't dive.


    Let the Hyperbaric specialist's decide on an individual basis.



    Here a few notes on the subject.


    South Pacific Medical Society - Workshop on Asthma.




    The Society's workshop on asthma and diving was held as part of the 1995 Annual Scientific Meeting at Castaway Island, Fiji. The open forum component of the workshop was prefaced by a series of presentations (a single written submission was received from Dr Douglas Walker) which are published in this issue of the Journal.


    Considerable consensus was apparent from these presentations. In particular, it was clear that there are few controlled data on which to base risk assessments for asthmatics who dive (let alone a consistent definition of asthma) and that some data sets (e.g. BSAC survey) were of little or no value (at the least being rich in selection bias).


    Drs Fred Bove and Andy Veale agreed that what data did exist suggested that the relative risk for those asthmatics who dived was about twice that of the non-asthmatic population (not withstanding the observation that these data did not reach statistical significance) and that it was important to remember that this was in effect a doubling of a very low rate of injury and illness.


    Dr Sandra Anderson described various provocation tests and in particular, exercise and hypertonic saline challenges. The most interesting aspect of her presentation was the report that regular budesonide (Pulmicort) inhalation eliminated the hyperresponsiveness in many asthmatic patients. The fitness of such a patient to dive is obviously difficult to determine. It is noteworthy in this context that the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) has just conducted a similar workshop and it was agreed at this forum that asthmatics who are well-controlled (i.e. not responsive to exercise or salt water) on inhaled steroids are "fit for recreational diving".


    The utility of provocation testing was also discussed in their presentations by Drs Cathy Meehan, Graham Simpson, Peter Chapman-Smith and Robyn Walker. Despite the differences in approach, it was clear that there was a significant false negative rate in asthmatics (and especially those on regular steroid medication). Again, it is worth mentioning the UHMS Workshop, at which there was considerable support for exercise as the primary form of provocation testing (remembering that inhalation of hypertonic saline is a "model" of exercise-induced asthma).




    SPUMS policy statement on the prevalence of asthma in Australasian diving candidates


    1 A history of asthma is common in diving candidates.2 The assessment of risk for a diving candidate with a history of asthma should be conducted by a medical practitioner who has had training in diving medicine (i.e. suitable for admission to the SPUMS list).




    SPUMS policy on the importance of asthma in diving


    1 Asthma is a potential cause of morbidity and mortality in divers. The level of risk in this context needs to be measured.2 Diving may precipitate (an) asthma (attack).3 Asthmatics may have limited exercise capacity and are at risk of shortness of breath, panic and drowning on the water surface.4 Asthmatics who dive may be a self-selected (i.e. survivor) population and hence their experience may not be representative of the risks of diving for the general asthmatic population.5 Current information (from descriptive databases) suggests that the relative risk for asthmatics who dive (compared with non-asthmatics) for a decompression illness is about 2.




    SPUMS policy on the assessment of risk for a diving candidate with a history of asthma.


    1 The determination of risk for diving in someone with a history of asthma requires a gradation of the severity and currency of their asthma.2 Risk stratification for someone with a history of asthma who wishes to dive will require a thorough history and examination and often lung function testing, which may include provocation testing (and especially with exercise and/or hypertonic saline). This may need to be repeated if the person elects to dive.3 Provocation testing with exercise and/or hypertonic saline (rather than with histamine and methacholine) may be more specific for asthma that is of concern in diving. The significance of a positive result is more easily understood by the diver.4 As the risk for diving in someone with a history of asthma is uncertain, permanent records should be retained as part of a SPUMS-sponsored study.

  8. Things to come out of this thread.


    Get the best combo that you can afford / most suit's your needs.


    It's the indian not the arrow. ( to a point )


    Olympus have a housing coming.


    Ike is considering ......


    A changable port will be essential - surely he Athena people in Japan will have a glass dome available to suit......


    TTL would be nice.


    Thanks to every one for the input.



  9. Hello James - you are absolutely correct.


    I have compared the 5060 in front of me with the 7070 pictures from the review and am reasonably confident.



    I will slip down to Yodabashi camera in the morning to see if they have any stock - they usually have new model's straight up.


    On the Digicam vs SLR comparison ther was one valuable difference left out.


    Kit size.


    It is possible for example to fit a Tetra Housing , 2 YS90 strobes , control arms, lense's , batteries etc in a Pelican 1520 case and possibly carry it on the plane as hand luggage. Certainly not something you can do with a SLR kit.



  10. I just compared the dimensions 5060/7070 and they seem to be the same.


    What a bonus for people who already have an investment in housings for their 5060's.


    I sure bet the manufacturers are happy to have housings ( and lense's ) that can carry over to a new model.



  11. Consider using industrial grade flooring vinyl ( the type found on hospital floors ) as an insert for you table tops. It is available in many colours , is fairly soft ,easily replaceable , wipes clean and doesn't break the bank.


    Save every one's chargers and filter the power.


    Remember it's not just a 110 volt world.


    Provide at least 6 filtered power points per workstation.




  12. all reasonable people / wetpixellians please excuse the directness of this re0sponse. IF I OFFEND YOU -- I AM TRULY SORRY AND WILL BUY A DRINK NEXT TIME I SEE YOU.


    Dear whoever you might be, is it not a reasonable thing that a person who is prepared to invest in such equipment in order that such types as yourself (who refuse to invest in equipment ) are then able to get their camera's underwater.... might need toget a commercioal return ,,,, he certainly need to get a return on a limited rental unit such as the strobe. LETS FORGET ABOUT THE NO CHARGE CONTROL ARMS OR SYNCH CORDS AND OTHER BITS.






















  13. Jim,


    All previous suggestions are good ones.


    Consider coming to sunny , warm, tropical Cairns. Just a two hour plane ride from Central Australia.


    We have a liveaboard trip diving the Coral Sea ( Osprey Reef - Shark feeds ) , The Cod Hole & the Ribbon Reefs departs every Friday at 5PM returns Tuesday 3.00pm. 125 Foot purpose built vessel - 12 months old.


    Cost from $700.00 USD ( depends on cabin ) all inclusive. Nitrox available. we cater to photographers - no problems.


    Any questions feel free to contact me directly.




    Peter Mooney




  14. I use the Titan with both the LMI Glass Dome for the 12-24 (+2 diopeter is supplied with port and extension ring ) and the macro port for both 60mm 105mm ( of course withesxtension ring ) .


    They are quality items. Fantastic finish and design work with the redundant o-ring system.


    And don't they look so good............


    I used the Sea and Sea Fisheye dome with the 10.5 with success.



    Peterjava script:emoticon('8)')


    Dema toy show is 6 days and counting.

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