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  1. You might consider the Olympus Mju series camera / PT-016 Combination.


    The camera is quite robust , has a lithium iron battery and has proven to be a reliable unit. The housing will accept a 46mm closeup lens (diopter) directly screwed to the lens port.


    We have been using these in our rental department and have some pieces with over 250 dives ( rental dives are always a lot harder on equipment ) on them with no real issues.

  2. Just got our first tetra 5060 units in the water for the first time.


    What a fantastic feel - all the controls fall to hand easily. The viwfinder had adequate shade / cover built in to the design. The ROC TTL rocks.


    All our demo people were real happy. Here's a few snaps from the tryout day.


    All rigs standard port and single YS90 strobe - yes the lighting can be improved but not bad for first day out with a new rig and inexperienced shooters

  3. we have been trialing the 18-70 in our titans for a few weeks to prove the value of the kit lens. combine a few close-up elements and it is a underrated piece of glass. It might take some practise / thinking for those not in tune to produce the goods.


    If you can;t afford any thing else - a result is assured. It works for us;


    all the best


    feel free


    peter mooney



  4. Here's some crocs from sunny cairn's.


    Lifted the frames from some video I shot a few weeks ago.


    This croc is about 6-8 feet length and is a resident in a local lagoon.


    I have found them to be reasonably cautious when a larger animal is approaching them ( read outstreached diver and camera rig ).


    Like all situations you must read what is happening at that particular time in that particular moment.


    Do not repeat the same thing / action over a number of dives as they are predators with a proven intelligence and the ability to learn a potential food source habits.


    They also have patience and lot's of it.


    Do not take you eye of them , keep the camera between you and them , remember that they are repltiles and can only have a short burst of energy.


    There is a change in them at the 6-8 feet size as they become mature creatures - I certainly wouldn't get in with with one that had started to bulk up.


    Good luck.

  5. As a fully paid up member of the flooded camera club I have to agree with James.


    If you compare the cost of a spare body to the overall cost of setting your rig up and getting yourself & it to a location for a few days of shooting it begins to look like a pretty cheap option. It get's even better when you look at the convenience of using the spare as your topside unit.


    Once you have spent the first day of a big trip going #*?>!! and the rest of it dwelling on what could have been you will certainly agree.


    Just my thoughts.



  6. Excuse if I seem pedantic.


    In my experience with compact digital housings and screw on ( wetmate ) type lens ALL lens of this type have vignetting issues when used fully wide.


    I know this to be the case with PT010 / 5050 , Aquataica 5005 / Coolpix 5000 , Aquatech CG5 / Canon G5 , Tetra 5050 and now PT020 / 5060.


    It would seem that the question is really not if they vignette - but how badly do they, and how far do you need to zoom in to avoid it at acquisition or do you just fix it in post.


    just my 2cents on this issue





  7. Thanks for the advice guys!


    I'll have to see what the instructor(s) will let me do when I get there, I don't want to hurt anyone, including myself that's for sure!! If I only get to snap some pictures while snorkeling that's fine too. I just want to be able to remember for the rest of my life I got to Dive on the Great Barrier Reef!!!


    Anyone else have any advice for me??


    Dear Jon,


    Sounds like you & your wife need to determine if your going to get certified while your Holidaying ( dedicated 4-5 days ) or if you just going to be try it out to see if you like it types.


    Either way everybody here has been in your shoes . Excited about a holiday and a whole new adventure with abunch of new toys.


    Whatever you choose you will probally find that the dive operator has a "professional underwater photgrapher " on staff, who for a small consideration could make you and the new Mrs Jon look like experts in the field.


    Just a thought - sometimes the best memory photos are the ones we're in.


    Enjoy the GBR


    Bring plenty of kwells if your coming soon.



  8. James - i think your absolutely on the money. Probally a +2 diopter will make the standard rig sing.


    I got so excited that I did a test fit on the 18-70 in my TITAN , and found the 12-24 gears fitted and the whole setup went together real easy - just like a brought unit. The versatility seems to be the key.


    Going to get wet and give it a run. God love it - it's whale season in the tropics. 22 degrees Celsius toasty in the water and minkes everywhere !!!

  9. Oh, BTW, tomorrow's dive is to 34 meters - and my Ewa-marine says it's tested to 30m, 'Technischer Uberwachungs Verein Bayern e.V.' If anyone wants to lend me a camera, I'm happy to test it past the 30 meter mark




    Any chance of getting your dive buddy to snap a few shots to post of your Ewa Marine Bag & it's contents at 30 metres.....


    It would be a fantastic thing to see - I bet EWA would be keen to see their product being put through it's paces.



  10. orderered a SEA and SEA DX70 housing and asked that it be specs for the standard kit lens as supplied with the camera ( most beginning shooters will get them this way). ordered to compact dome port for perfect world.

    added a pair of ys90 autos and some ultralights.


    what are you thoughts for a first shooters rig ???


    28 deg sort of wide through to stacking macro rings /close up diopters at 105 end ( clayt6ons macro but fun ) :arrow:

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