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  1. If you can wait for a few weeks you can see all the lastest offerings from DEMA. I'm sure that there will be plenty of external monitor solutions fro DSLR's.
  2. Fill it with potting mix and grow a herb garden.
  3. Given it's for a commercial cause I think you need to attach some financial incentive to the offer. The boat ride and dives are simply a requirement and therefore part of your expense rather than the reward for the cameraman.
  4. Byron Bay ticks all the boxes but as Mark says it's not the cheapest place to live but still very manageable in global terms.
  5. Hey Paul, Great trip , great clip - pity the diver looks so unco..........
  6. The reason you have such a variation is that each of the quotes is for very different items. Once you have decided on which lenses and strobes you wish to use get the system requoted.
  7. Out of Cairns. 7 day live aboard - Ribbon Reefs, Code hole and Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. TAKA Dive Spirit of Freedom Mike Ball Expeditions All go to basically the same places over 7 days - each has a different flavour.
  8. Congrats to Stephen, It's one of the best images of a Minke from recent seasons , it shows his dedication and is great result for the time he spent in the water.
  9. Hi Kevster, Send an email to this address info@nauticam.com.au and they will get in touch. Peter
  10. I have some new ones for EVO buddys - physically it will be the same but will need to verify the control functions.
  11. I have some inventory of dive buddy grips. Which housing and camera combo is it for ?
  12. Has anyone ever seen a fake 7D ???
  13. Its a manual world for the Ike 161 / Nauticam combination.
  14. We - Scubapix are exhibiting at the camera show this coming weekend and will have the full range of Nauticam , Aquatica, FIX & Light & Motion Equipment on display. Of particular interest will be the new 45 degree viewfinder from Nauticam , Bluefin housings for the Canon Series of Camcorders as well as the New Light & Motion Sola 4000 Video Light. Please drop by the Booth ( 433 ) and say hello to Peter and Howard. Here is a link for pre-registraion and free entry http://www.infosalons.com.au/pma11S/register.asp See you there.
  15. Go for the Canon - it will give you more options with housings and optics.
  16. Mr Wong , Just keeping you focused ( pardon the pun ) The intention for SOLA battery replacement is a return to authorised LMI service centre process .
  17. Drew , while this is a fair comment based on your experience with NiMH batteries - Peter's post is about his SOLA 1200 lights that use Lithium Iron batteries. Lets keep on track.
  18. Thought you could have got a little closer with that wide lens
  19. Don't worry about who's waiting for Scarlet or Epic S - the bulk of the industry is waiting on budgets and funding !!
  20. Great sequence. Be great to see how you go when you get on top of the video settings.
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