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  1. Looking to find a diver who is located near Hermosa Beach, Calif. I have a boat in the harbor which we dive off of weekly. Looking to trade dives for video footage. Anyone interested in coming out and videoing our dives for the Fishing Tackle/Marine Products site we have called HookBuzz.com. Be great to get some quality footage other than using my Gopro! Thanks


    email me at admin@hookbuzz.com


    Given it's for a commercial cause I think you need to attach some financial incentive to the offer.

    The boat ride and dives are simply a requirement and therefore part of your expense rather than the reward for the cameraman.

  2. The reason you have such a variation is that each of the quotes is for very different items.

    Once you have decided on which lenses and strobes you wish to use get the system requoted.



    First let me start by saying I have never shot anything but point and shoots. I am somewhat disappointed in the photos I have been taking with my 860 Sea and Sea. I am currently in a debate with myself on what to do. I "think" I want to move forward with a Nikon D7000 but its not a cheap move. I have a couple of quotes from people, dont wanna get into names im not trying to beat anybody up (or have anyone beat me up) I would just like some feedback if im heading down the right path and what you experts think of these quotes.


    Aquatica D7000 housing with dual fiber Optic $2,689.00

    Aquatica AF Macro Falt Port for bayonet style housing 350.00

    Sea and Sea YS0110a DS-TTL strobe 2 @ $639.95 $1,279.90

    Sea and Sea Fiber Optic Sync Cord L-Type 2 @ $ 80.00 160.00

    Ultralight Aquavision Type Mount Wide 2@ $ 23.95 47.90

    Ultralight Single Ball Arm, Sea and Sea end 5" 2 @ $ 49.95 99.90

    Ultralight 5" Double Ball Arm 2 @ $47.95 95.90

    Ultralight New Style Clamp 4 @ $29.95 119.80

    Xit 404 Rear Port Cap for Aquatica 40.00

    Xit 404 Body Cap for Aquatic 2 @ 40.00 80.00


    Total $4,962.40



    Nauticam NA-D7000 $3,200.00

    Nauticam6" Acrylic Wide Angle Port 430.00

    NauticamSN1770s-Z Macro OS HSM 175.00

    Nauticam Extension Ring with lock 330.00

    Nauticam 17cm Lanyard and Strobe mounting Ball Set 100.00

    Nauticam to Sea and Sea Strobe Fiber Optic Cable 2@ 100.00 200.00

    Nauticam 200 mm 8" Double Ball Arm 4@ 45.00 180.00

    Nauticam Clamp 6@ 32.00 192.00

    Stix Jumbo Float for ULCS arms 35.00

    Inon Z-240 Strobe Type 4 2 @ 749.00 1498.00

    ULCS AD-IN Adapter for Inon Z-series 2 @ 24.95 49.90


    Total $6,389.90



    Aquatica D7000 Housing $2,500.00

    Dome Port 495.00

    Sea and Sea YS0110a DS-TTL strobe 2 @ $639.95 $1,279.90

    TLC Arm Set 249.00

    Ikelite Sync Cord 110.00

    Zoom gear 160.00


    Total $4,793.90


    For the record I seem to like the dealer selling the Nauticam setup the most but, unless im missing something which is why Im making this post, it seems to take more to make it work. The third price is a local dealer and that would be my most perferred option except that he left me high and dry on service with the Sea and Sea camera I purchased. I purchased it on a Saturday when he was really busy and he asked me to come back during the week and he would help me get it set up. Once I called back he wanted $89.95 to do this. I was lucky enough to be going to bonaire and I stopped in and spoke with John at Buddy Dive who was happy to help me out spending 30 minutes to get me set up for the price of $15.00. John is a great guy wish he was local :D. Anyway Im looking for any constructive advise you might want to offer.

  3. Hello.


    Can anyone help me where can I buy GRIP for amphibico housing ( this with controls ) ??

    May be new or used.


    I have some inventory of dive buddy grips.


    Which housing and camera combo is it for ?

  4. Gudge thanks for your reply, great article and book looks good will get a copy ;) . Keen to give spot metering a shot.


    Re Flash EC: Im using Ike161, I guess using adjustment on strobe will be easier for me than using the 7D in camera flash compensation adjustment.


    When using the 100mm macro do you shoot AF or MF ?



    Its a manual world for the Ike 161 / Nauticam combination.

  5. We - Scubapix are exhibiting at the camera show this coming weekend and will have the full range of Nauticam , Aquatica, FIX & Light & Motion Equipment on display.


    Of particular interest will be the new 45 degree viewfinder from Nauticam , Bluefin housings for the Canon Series of Camcorders as well as the New Light & Motion Sola 4000 Video Light.


    Please drop by the Booth ( 433 ) and say hello to Peter and Howard.


    Here is a link for pre-registraion and free entry




    See you there.

  6. Maybe for you, Peter. I've repacked my NiMH a few times over for my Halogen, HID and HMI lights. And it's never close to 1k times. more like 5-600... if that!




    Drew , while this is a fair comment based on your experience with NiMH batteries - Peter's post is about his SOLA 1200 lights that use Lithium Iron batteries.


    Lets keep on track.

  7. In fact I think there's a certain lack of enthusiasm in the industry right now because everyone is waiting on Scarlet and Epic S.


    Don't worry about who's waiting for Scarlet or Epic S - the bulk of the industry is waiting on budgets and funding !!

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