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  1. Thanks for the input and suggestions.


    I have passed the tips on and my man is happily preparing to get wet.


    I should state that Blake & Norma at Aquatica have been nothing but helpful & fast to respond to any questions or problems that I have had in the past and that the question was one of size variation in the camera, rather that an issue with the housing.



  2. Size variation on S2 pro bodies ???


    I have a customer who is having issues fitting his S2 into his aquatica housing. He is new to housings but not photography - any tips ??


    I have walked him through all the focus gear issues / binding etc.


    Another person is seeking an adapter from nikonus bulkhead to ikelite strobe. I seem to remember reading about such a beast but can't locate any info.


    All help greatly appreciated :roll:

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