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  1. Hey Mark , You baby is just passing through Hawaii now
  2. I fly that route 2- 3 times a month using QANTAS. You can often get return tickets for $290.00 including 23Kg of baggage with more weight available for online purchase.
  3. Check out the Light & Motion Sola Lights range of lights. Many folks have been using the Photo 500 / 600 / Video 1200 as video lights with their D SLR systems .
  4. Yes We are !!-http://images.wetpixel.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/drink.gifhttp://images.wetpixel.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/drink.gif
  5. The trade in offer is still there
  6. Check this out - the polls a few years old but speaks volumes Flooded Housing Poll
  7. Hi Karel, Congrats on the sale The best solution would be to make contact with a professional lab that is close to your client. You can FTP the file to them for output to the required media. Arrange for the finished prints to be delivered or be collected as it best suits.
  8. Is it that simply the strobe may be switched to slave mode - it's very easy to change this setting without being aware. On the Sea & Sea strobes this simple thing can throw a real curved ball at the new user.
  9. Great video for first effort with a new combo. How did you find the WB and focus ?
  10. If you combine either the 4" Zen 10.5 or the Nauticam 4.33 with the 20mm extension ring you will have all bases covered.
  11. I'll trade a new G10 & Ikelite housing and you can pay the balance in cash.
  12. Hey Mark, Pen those sharks up until we get there
  13. Hey Joe , Good to see you still hanging in there. Well catch up soon. P
  14. I understood that blind diver was looking for advise that would fit into his budget. The cost of a large LCD and housing will far exceed the cost of an accessory viewfinder while increasing the amount of additional components he has to deal with. My view ( and it is only my view ) is that he would be best advised to try a housing that is setup with a large accessory viewfinder. If he was in Cairns getting a unit into his hands for a try out would be no issue but he's not.
  15. To clarify this for you : External LCD screens are an accessory designed to improve on the rear screen of the camera when it is being used in Video Mode. They are great help for framing and focus. They do not replace the cameras viewfinder in any way at all.
  16. We can only wait and hope and hope and wait. It will be good if its only half true. :)
  17. Hay Matt, Great shot - looks like your having a ball. 3 things: Try to get a little deeper into the barrel. Shoot that lens at the longer end. Don't get munched.
  18. This is the cable he requires - all done with no need for any modifications. Sea & Sea housing to Inon Strobe.
  19. I'll offer $500 pounds for the lot - boxed up ready to go. info@scubapix.com
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