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  1. Hi.


    I need to find a good flight between Sydney and Cairns later this year. Who do you recommend for domestic flights in Australia?

    I'll try to avoid companies like RyanAir (for those of you who knows them) for good reasons.


    Any help would be appreciated...




    I fly that route 2- 3 times a month using QANTAS.

    You can often get return tickets for $290.00 including 23Kg of baggage with more weight available for online purchase.

  2. Really? I have followed Wetpixel postings for several years and have not seen more reports of flooding with Ikelite housings than with other makes. Carelessness and user error can lead to flooding with any housing but I can I see no reason why Ikelite housings should be more prone to flooding. In fact, the ability to check that the o-rings are properly seated and compressed and the, in my opinion, excellent port lock system, now with four locks, should reduce the risk compared to many other housings.

    My recommendation would be to look for a used Ikelite housing. Used Ikelite ports are not hard to find (keep an eye on E-bay and put a Want-to-buy ad on Wetpixel and Scubaboard) and are much cheaper than other makers' ports. I reecently bought a couple of ports to have as back-up, paid $55 for the 6" dome (for the Tokina 10-17mm lens) and $60 for the 60mm port.



    Check this out - the polls a few years old but speaks volumes Flooded Housing Poll

  3. I'm looking into a glass dome . And my thoughts are going for a ZEN .

    For Nauticam mounts, there are two different Zen 100mm models, one for the Nikor 10.5 and one for the Tokina 10-17mm.

    The Nauticam 4.33" dome is acrylic. With that dome, the 10.5 is supported with no extension ring, and the 10-17 is supported with a 20mm extension.

    I'm rather not buying 2 Zen models , so the question which lens has the preference for you guy's ?

    Nikon DX AF Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED or the Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 DX zoom . By the way I have a Nauticam NA D 300S .

    With gratitude , Maluco



    If you combine either the 4" Zen 10.5 or the Nauticam 4.33 with the 20mm extension ring you will have all bases covered.

  4. Hi,


    I dont have a lot of budget.

    If i buy the nauticam hausing + 1 flash my buget is gone.

    I then have to wait for 1.5 years for second flash and lenses.


    Some advice please....



    I understood that blind diver was looking for advise that would fit into his budget.


    The cost of a large LCD and housing will far exceed the cost of an accessory viewfinder while increasing the amount of additional components he has to deal with.


    My view ( and it is only my view ) is that he would be best advised to try a housing that is setup with a large accessory viewfinder.


    If he was in Cairns getting a unit into his hands for a try out would be no issue but he's not.

  5. I've looked around a while, and somebody told me that there is a way to put a LCD screen on your housing to replace the viewfinder.


    I think it would be better then a viewfinder to see it.


    Gives it a delay like the live view on the d7000 ?


    Anyone who can help me or give me advice ?


    To clarify this for you :


    External LCD screens are an accessory designed to improve on the rear screen of the camera when it is being used in Video Mode.

    They are great help for framing and focus.

    They do not replace the cameras viewfinder in any way at all.

  6. A friend of mine is upgrading to a Sea&Sea RDX550 housing with Inon Z240 strobes.

    He asked me which fibre optic cable he would need. I use Ikelite strobes so don't have any idea.


    The Sea&Sea Fibre Optic cable (L Type) looks like its only able to be used with Sea&Sea Strobes.

    The Inon Fibre Optic Cables have a bare end which looks like it needs some sort of adapter for it to plug into the Sea&Sea housing.


    Is there anybody out there who can help??



    This is the cable he requires - all done with no need for any modifications.


    Sea & Sea housing to Inon Strobe.


  7. I'll offer $500 pounds for the lot - boxed up ready to go.




    Hello All.


    Due to a case of lust for a video housing some of my stills kit has to go.


    Sea and sea RDX d60 housing in excellent condition - I think I still have the box etc

    Sea and Sea Grip Stay L for the above

    Sea and Sea NX compact dome port, a couple of slight marks.

    Sea and Sea NX custom flat port

    Sea and Sea 20mm extension ring

    Sea and Sea RDX port base L


    Nikon D40 with 18 - 55mm nikkor

    Nikon D60 new boxed


    Scapa scuba neoprene case for Housing and one port

    Cost just over £2300 a year ago but Open to decent offers, would like to sell the lot as one but may sell the ports and cameras individually.


    tel 07811 396701





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