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  1. Hey Matt, Good work. You should be the master by the time you get back.
  2. Its important to take local taxes and duties into consideration when comparing prices.
  3. This should make it a lot simpler to get controls on a waterproof box.
  4. Hi Mark, You will have the chance to compare the Aquatica & Nauticam Housings in your home waters at the Byron Bay Shootout.
  5. Hi George, Check out this animation - it highlights both beam angles and power levels. Sola Animation
  6. I've handled one of these units and would find it hard to recommend. Aside from the general light dutiness , the limitations in port & gear selection would be very frustrating.
  7. Hi Robert , It was you that made the conscious decision to purchase such a specialist piece of equipment online and outside of your domestic market, You made the decision not to purchase from the local dealer Any item you require will always be available but if you need part to be flown in urgently you will need to cover the costs of the shipping - even if it some elses mistake - that just how it goes. The best decision would have been to go to the local dealer talk about your system , order and pay for it and go diving -- happy days !! Cheers Peter Post edited: Admin
  8. 1 x Panasonic HVX202 Camera - Pal 2 x long Life Batteries 2 x 8 gig cards 2 x 32 gig cards 1x Gates HVX housing with HD video out, 1x Gates / Fathom SWP 44B Port All in great condition , will listen to serious offers. travel@scubapix.com
  9. Demo Season is over so have the following 3 rigs for sale. I will ship anywhere once funds have been deposited into my bank or paypal or Bpay account in full. This gear has been used on one promotional tour and so has been dived by apprx 25 people once each.it is in all original packing and comes with full manufacturers warranty 1 x Nauticam 7D housing 1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade 1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87 1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder $5100USD Total Value @ $4500 USD 1 x Nauticam D300s housing 1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade 1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87 1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder $5100USD TotalValue @ $4400 USD 1 x Nikon D300 camera ( shop camera ) 1 x Nauticam D300 housing 1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade 1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87 1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder $6300USD Total Value @ $4800USD
  10. Who's heading to Vegas this year ?
  11. All I can say is that you seem to have interesting hobbies. God help us if you combine them all.
  12. Dean has been shooting behind the standard Aquatica 8" Dome.
  13. It's not a problem at all. Ryan Pedlow ( one of the mods ) has just finished a few weeks in Bali with this exact combo. It was simple fit for him that took all of 2 minutes to complete. I'm sure he will chip in with his thoughts.
  14. One with the lot please, With a little luck you can have a listen to them in a few days.
  15. I had number of these strobes all have a slow unexplainable leak ( almost micro drops ) that would amount to a teaspoon of water over a 60 minute dive. No signs of any cracks in the caps at all. Returned them to the distributor who was able to repeat the experience in the pressure pot and replaced them under warranty each time.
  16. The Photo's were taken by Edward Lai from Nauticam.
  17. Sounds like the best action would be to contact the local dealer you purchased it from. They would have the required push and expertise to get your issue resolved easily.
  18. First thoughts were Rajah Ampat , Flores or Alor regions, but could be pretty well anywhere in Indonesia. To be sure you could contact the photographer directly - garyb at oceanwideimages.com
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