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  1. I believe if your want an accurate review you will need to review like Mr Mustard's review of the Nauticam D7000 and have it in both cold and warm water and to have it used for both macro and wide angle. This then would covers everyones shooting style and locations where they shoot.


    Regards Mark



    Hi Mark,


    You will have the chance to compare the Aquatica & Nauticam Housings in your home waters at the Byron Bay Shootout.

  2. Ok this is what has happened to me.

    Back on 9 July I ordered an Aquatica 5DMKII housing with H2O. Up until placing and paying for the item communication by e-mail was fast and helpful. I was unable to spend $5000+ on a complete kit in one go so ordered the housing first with the ports to follow the next month. Mike told me he had a bunch of housings coming in and my name would be put on one of them. It took nearly 8 weeks for it to arrive in Australia. I had e-mailed a few times to check on it and responses were a little scarce. After about 4 weeks I was informed that they were made to order. The housing I ordered was to come with an Ikelite bulkhead. On my account on there site it was listed as having a nikonus head and when I questioned this I was assured that this is how there system handled it, but an Ikelite head was what I would get. Because I live in australia I asked before it was shipped that it would be double checked and tested which again I was assured would be the case. When it turned up of course it came with a nikonus head and some strobe arm adaptors were missing as well. Mike was very apologetic and said this would be sorted and sent out with my ports.

    I placed the order for the Mega dome and macro port + extension. I was told it would be around 2 weeks . After 4 weeks and hardly any response to emails I phoned . Mike said they had been waiting on the bulkhead which had arrived that day and the order would be shipped that day. Based on this information I booked a trip out to Ningaloo 4 weeks after the day of shipment which would give plenty of time for the package to turn up. On average it's about 1 1/2 weeks for things to arrive from the US. After 2 weeks I asked for a tracking no. No reply. I called OZ post and customs to see if they had it. No joy. I phoned again and spoke to Mark one of his employees who said he would look into it. Still no reply. Called again only to find out that it had never been posted and they were now waiting on the megadome which I thought they already had.

    The megadome was about a week away. My trip was getting closer. I then gave them a couple of choices of, either give me my money back, send the items they already had with the dome to follow or give me the money back for the dome and I could get one from backscatter who had one in stock. Mike said he would send the items they had by express with the dome to follow. This should have arrived 2 days before my trip. No joy. I phoned again only to find out it had been left in the back room. More apologies and $450 waisted plane tickets! This went on and on. Finally my dome arrived and it would go by express shipment that day, which I now think means sometime in the following week. Just before it was sent I phoned, and sent a check list of the items I was expecting to receive and was promised by Mike they were all in the box. I also ordered a 180 viewfinder and payed by credit card over the phone. When you do this over here you have to notify the bank of an international transaction so it's not declined and they only have about 4 days to process it. This is how slack they are because after 2 weeks they tried to take payment and it was declined. This happened this Wednesday 3 NOV which was the same time my package turned up with guess what, no Ikelite bulkhead or strobe adaptors. I had converted over from an Ikelite system so this is why the bulkhead is so important as all my leads are Ikelite. It's now beyond a joke as after 4 months i'm still left with a system that won't work properly. I've given them every chance to put things right, with still no response to my last e-mail informing them I won't pay untill my order is completed. I've been informed by Scuba pix that a bulkhead will cost me $350+ to buy from them!

    My advice to anyone thinking of using H2O Photo Pro ( what a joke) is unless you live in LA and you can walk into the shop and pack your own order, then go else where. They are a complete nightmare to deal with. I don't mean this as a personal attack at Mike, just the company as a hole as they all seem to be muppets!

    Sorry Mike but you've had plenty of chances.


    Hi Robert ,


    It was you that made the conscious decision to purchase such a specialist piece of equipment online and outside of your domestic market,

    You made the decision not to purchase from the local dealer

    Any item you require will always be available but if you need part to be flown in urgently you will need to cover the costs of the shipping - even if it some elses mistake - that just how it goes.


    The best decision would have been to go to the local dealer talk about your system , order and pay for it and go diving -- happy days !!


    Cheers Peter


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  3. Demo Season is over so have the following 3 rigs for sale.

    I will ship anywhere once funds have been deposited into my bank or paypal or Bpay account in full.


    This gear has been used on one promotional tour and so has been dived by apprx 25 people once each.it is in all original packing and comes with full manufacturers warranty


    1 x Nauticam 7D housing

    1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade

    1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87

    1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder


    $5100USD Total Value @ $4500 USD



    1 x Nauticam D300s housing

    1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade

    1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87

    1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder


    $5100USD TotalValue @ $4400 USD



    1 x Nikon D300 camera ( shop camera )

    1 x Nauticam D300 housing

    1 x Nauticam 8" Dome Port & Shade

    1 x Nauticam Macro Port 87

    1 x Nauticam Aquaview finder


    $6300USD Total Value @ $4800USD

  4. I dealt with amphibico initially, Drew. With much prodding, I got a bit of "wiggle this and move that". After a series of unproductive and delayed e-mails and even the submission of a video clip (at the tech's request), the tech stopped responding. I went back to their support site to bypass the tech but still nothing.


    I'm located internationally, and shipping costs are outrageous. I nevertheless might be inclined to send it to them were I guaranteed some sincere effort, but I am now not at all confident in their committment to the customer. Cost-benefit analysis seems to favor a home-remedy at present, if it is at all feasible.



    Sounds like the best action would be to contact the local dealer you purchased it from.

    They would have the required push and expertise to get your issue resolved easily.

  5. Hi,

    I have been watching NEX-5 camera since it was introduced, with several reasons. First, it allows to use many different lenses

    from Nikon(F & G lens),Canon,Minolta,Carl Zeiss,Leica and more & new lens adapters are keep coming everyday. Secondly,

    it takes good video as it came from Sony and taking Panorama picture is easier than ever & price is affordable.


    UW housing choice was limited to Seatool but, I was excited to see new housing from Nauticam and I could not believe when I saw

    it will allow to use Nikonos wet lenses. I am ready to order one & would like to hear the opinions & see if pictures are available.




    Here you go. NEX5 Image Gallery

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