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  1. Yes - you could use this with the G11. The strobe just needs to be switched to SLAVE ON. No - you wont get TTL with this combo.
  2. Hey Darren, Sorry to say I can't meet up for a beer. How is the Aquatica mini dome working out ? P
  3. A job well done. Really liked the lighting - what lights did you use ?
  4. Hi Matt, Looks like you had a great trip. Glad to see the little strobes were up to the job. P{
  5. My understanding is the glass on both ports is the same.
  6. Shawn Great demonstration of the 240fps feature. Have you got your 3D rig housed or are you just playing around topside ? Peter
  7. I have a Aquatica housing for the Canon 5D ( not 5DMk11 ) that is in 9/10 condition. This housing has been my own unit and was destined to be part of my collection of housings. You can have it for $900 USD plus shipping.
  8. The sad answer is YES that is a hook in the sharks mouth , unfortunately this is becoming a common sight in many shark rich locations. For my taste I think the shot would have worked better as a vertical. It's good to have the habit of shooting set ups like this in both formats. This will give you a cover shot ( vertical ) and the centrespread ( horizontal )
  9. Good work, It looks like you need a second light.
  10. HI Mark, Simple solution is to say no. Its not a modification that I am fond of.
  11. Silly question - but have you released the latch / lock inside the extension ring ?
  12. Hi George, Here is a photo that shows both the old "built under licence port" for Stingray & Bluefin up to XR520 series and the new built by Fathom Port for the XR550. You can see clearly that they are two different ports and that the new port is marked clearly FATHOM USA and is serialised. I hope this clears this up for you.
  13. Hi Mark, Glad to see you've made your way to Wetpixel. Have fun.
  14. Hey Jean , Good to hear that you enjoyed the time out of the office. That's great advice on the ports - the 6" port has been a longtime favourite of mine. P
  15. HDVdiver - Your comment while being well intended is misinformed. You should know that Light & Motion have had the Fathom 90 optics and port mount totally redesigned to suit the CX & XR 550 Series of Camera's. I think all the housing manufacturers have had to deal with the challenge that the larger lenses have provided, and as usual each has done it in their own style. How have you dealt with it with the Seadragon Lenses you manufacture & sell ? Perhaps you may like to start a fresh thread and tell us how. What I'm most interested in is how you tested a LMI Fathom 90 with a TM700 given that LMI have never built a housing for that brand of camera. Cheers Peter
  16. Contact this guy. info@stuallenphotography.com.au He just had a wake board accident and popped an eardrum which effectively makes his Aquatica 5DMk11 Package surplus.
  17. Hi Alex, It seems that you are missing the spring that keeps tension on the gear - this explains the lack of aperture controls. The second issue you describe sound like the camera is not getting full seated. A possible explanation is that the lens release control has not been pulled out or is in the incorrect position. Make sure the base plate catch is in the secured position. I have attached a few images for your assistance. Good Luck Peter
  18. The 40mm Extension is recommended for the 1.4 TC / 10-17 combo
  19. Matt, I can't see any problems with taking it in the surf. You would be best to take the 180 viewfinder off if your using it and use the smallest dome. It's best to avoid any snags etc in case you go over the falls. Have fun. Peter
  20. Great set of images for a first outing.
  21. Hey Matti, Great set of images, there is no doubt the southern dive sites are very productive when the weather gods are on your side. Hope to see you at Byron for the Festival. Peter
  22. Display Icons on Monitor Back Monitor Screen: In order to see the camera display information on the monitor screen, you will need to set the camera to V-OUT/PANEL on the menu screen. Go to the menu, select DISPLAY and set to V-OUT/PANEL (see Fig. 10 and 11. Refer to your Sony camcorder instruction manual). If done correctly, the external monitor back will now display all of the camcorder’s viewfinder information. If the picture on the Stingray HD monitor appears “squished”, then a setting needs to be changed on the camcorder to display the video correctly. Enter the camcorder’s menu; enter the STANDARD SET submenu then scroll down and select TV TYPE. Change the TV TYPE setting to 4:3. Exact steps may vary depending on your camcorder model (Refer Fig. 12). If you get really stuck you can get the manual here Stingray HD Manual
  23. That spec Macbook you ordered is plenty. Seeing as your editing HDV footage from a HC9 you could get by with I-Movie HD ( also known as I-Movie 6 ) as an editing program. It is lot more traditional in layout and feature rich by comparison to the dumbed down versions of I-Movie that ship with current machines. It will meet every nearly every need you have for home movies and distribution.
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