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  1. I checked the metadata on your images and Jim is correct in suggesting you have the redeye reduction on. Try turning it off and shooting the camera in manual mode rather than program.
  2. If this was the case you would also have control alignment issues. I think a more likely explanation is that bodies are set back further in the Subal housings.
  3. Now we know what your thinking about when your driving those trucks. Don't get to friendly with those sheep.
  4. Hi Jim, As best I am aware it's not their intention. If your coming up to the Byron Bay Shootout you can demo one on your housing. Hope to see you up there. Peter
  5. I've seen them in the Coral Sea - they certainly make for good video with the combination of movement and colour. Not much help on the classification other than "SALP" which you already have.
  6. Damien, How did you find the single Light & Motion Sunray 1000 system compared to the Fisheye 1000DX's ?
  7. 4" domes are specialist ports designed to work with fisheye style lenses. The answer really lies in what lenses you shoot when your diving with big animals. If for example you are shooting a 16mm FE on a DX sensor camera then it could be great.
  8. Have you tried the Inon L type connectors to see how they fit ?
  9. Translated in to Australian Ryan , Don't be so silly
  10. Mmmm - "Crayfish" , my favourite .....................
  11. The Stingray & Stingray plus G2 housings come configured for the CX series cameras as standard. To switch over to the XR series cameras it is simply a matter of depressing the tele & wide buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Hope this helps.
  12. You can get the shutter count with Photoshop. Take a shot with the camera. Open the image details for the image once it has been opened in Photoshop. (shift, Ctrl, Alt and "I". Look under the "advanced" tab.) This opens the property tree window. Click on the folder - exif data / aux and its the tab saying image number. Hope this helps
  13. Great shots - terrific concept. I think you would have a better chance of getting the shot if you put the diver between the sub and the surface. This would give you the bonus of the drama that forced perspective creates. You would also get a chance a two different aspects - one as the model descend and then on the ascent Look forward to seeing your final results.
  14. Its pretty simple really. All that is required is the navigate the menu until you find the word "ENGLISH" , hit enter and jobs done.
  15. I used this housing on one expedition only. Also have an Aquaview finder and Superdome that are like new. Will ship by DHL world wide. Make me an offer,
  16. This housing has gen 4 port adaptor. Never been wet. Make me a serious offer
  17. I have a low use 5D housing that has just been traded, We would like $1500 for it. Housing is in Cairns. Will ship world wide once the moneys in the bank. travel@scubapix.com
  18. I've got one of these coming next week, only had light use $800 USD please includes delivery,.
  19. Hey Ryan , Good clear explanations, I tending to recommend 1 port adaptor per port. Spoke to Berk this morning and he said he had few issues with the bulkhead assy but put them down to TEETHING PROBS. All good down here. Are you coming up to Tokyo next week ? P
  20. I understand the frustration that supposed high quality NiMh batteries can cause. We run about 80 AA's in our tourist operation that are used for compact camera"s and strobes. Ever since we switched to the 2000 Mah Sanyo Eneloops and 8 cell Sanyo chargers all our issues have gone away.
  21. Hey Damo, I could see the smile on your face up here. Ryan and the others get their's tomorrow. P
  22. The 7D housings are without doubt the best yet from Aquatica. I shipped the first batch out to their new homes today.
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