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  1. From a conversation a while back with Ryan the issue may that Subal are not particularly consistent on camera focal plane position housing to housing - so your Subal D300 housing may be different to my Subal D300 housing.


    If this is the case then on Subal it will be a 'suck it and see' trial.


    If true this is sloppy engineering.


    Paul C


    If this was the case you would also have control alignment issues.


    I think a more likely explanation is that bodies are set back further in the Subal housings.

  2. You can get the shutter count with Photoshop.

    Take a shot with the camera.

    Open the image details for the image once it has been opened in Photoshop. (shift, Ctrl, Alt and "I". Look under the "advanced" tab.)

    This opens the property tree window.

    Click on the folder - exif data / aux

    and its the tab saying image number.


    Hope this helps

  3. Great shots - terrific concept.


    I think you would have a better chance of getting the shot if you put the diver between the sub and the surface.

    This would give you the bonus of the drama that forced perspective creates.


    You would also get a chance a two different aspects - one as the model descend and then on the ascent


    Look forward to seeing your final results.

  4. I understand the frustration that supposed high quality NiMh batteries can cause.


    We run about 80 AA's in our tourist operation that are used for compact camera"s and strobes.

    Ever since we switched to the 2000 Mah Sanyo Eneloops and 8 cell Sanyo chargers all our issues have gone away.

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