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  1. I am looking at getting a wide angle lens for my d7000 - I currently do not take it under water (use an older p5100 for that) but have plans to do such soon. I am wanting a wide angle lense that I can hopefully utilize for both underwater and above water/landscape settings. Does the tokina 10-17 create a fisheye affect at 17mm? I am not that experienced at wide angle and not sure when the fisheye effect comes in. thanks
  2. I see this website: clearbags.com So I think I would get this: backing from here: http://www.clearbags.com/mats-backing/board- which one? I cut my own mats, so I could always cut my own and finish it off with one of their bags? other suggestions?
  3. I am interested in starting to put together a portfolio for local art festivals, local consignment shops, etc. I am far from a professional, but I would be interested in giving it a shot. I have seen how other photographers display their photos, and I am interested in where you can get those supplies. (meaning the backing, celephone wrap, etc.... Any tips and advice would be appreciated. thanks!
  4. So, I am going to have my first "show sale" - ie. local flee market friend from back home is going let me sell my photos at her booth. I am am far from a professional, but I thought I would throw my hat in the ring to see what kind of bites I can get - plus the sale is in a small town far from the ocean and limited number of underwater photographers (ie - not in Fort Lauderdale where my pics are probably a dime a dozen) - and might get some interest and can see if I want to pursue something a little more serious. My question is this - at art sales I always see people with photos matted in basic white mattboards - I have experience in cutting mats for framing photos in my house, but how do you mat a picture for a sale? There is usually a front and back mat and I was wondering how they attach the two without gluing and not allowing the buyer to remat in a color if they choose? and where do you buy these types of mats (I usually get my matboard at Michael's.). Also, the clear cellophane bags they are often wrapped in, where do you go about finding those? I live in Raleigh, NC - so I am guessing I have access to just about any of these things locally, just not sure where to find them Thanks in advance!
  5. I guess I should have been clearer, I know I can download it, but dragging 348 pages to a photo class or throwing in my camera bag as I learn the camera, is not the most feasable, I will gladly pay for one.
  6. anyone know where I can buy a replacement manual for my nikon d7000 - I am starting a photography class and need the manual, and mine came up missing during a move or a recent trip. I checked amazon and called nikon, but no luck.
  7. if i was to use the 10-17 Toktina - and took pictures of the wrecks here in NC (think the U-352) - would I get the fisheye effect? Or should I stick to getting a rectilinear?
  8. So, after reading a lot here I thought I was going to get the toktina 10-17 lense for WA photo. After reading http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/underwat...tography-lenses I am starting to think it may not be best for me. Much of my WA will be here in North Carolina taking wreck photos where the fisheye look is not desirable. Would I be better off getting a rectiliner lens - if so, which one? I am shooting a d7000 with probably a nauticam housing.
  9. messing around on amazon and found this http://www.amazon.com/Aquatica-D7000-Digit...0894&sr=8-1 $600 cheaper than the usual dealers - what is the catch?
  10. I am familiar with Ikelite housings - I have used them on my two previous P&S set ups. I have a nikon d7000 that I want to house. I know with Ikelite my inon z240 strobes will not be able to do TTYL. As far as the other options - I know we are talking about double the price. I am not really wanting to start a debate on quality of those over ikelite - I know the pros and cons of the aluminum housings. My questions is two fold. 1. How much advantageous is the TTYL vs manually setting the strobe? I know I usually have to take a couple test shots to get my strobe settings right, and then, especially with the macro stuff, often do a lot of adjusting under water using the histogram. 2. What other housing (Aquatica, etc) are out there that would be capable of ttyl with this set up, and rough price points (ie. which ones are $$$$ vs $$$). Thanks y'all (I am not really southern but it has worn off on me) cheers
  11. I am looking to add a macro lens to my new d7000 - I am new to the DSLR - I was talking to my friend who is a professional topside photographer and she asked if I considered a 40mm macro when I told her most people seem to use a 60mm macro. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of the 40mm? Obviously cost is less on the 40mm. If I am diving in clear tropical water - I would think (although very possibly incorrectly) that the 40mm would allow you to not have to get as close to the subject.
  12. the only issue is that it doesn't have any zoom to it - not really versitile enough for vactions/ etc.
  13. so the camera body is on order - it did not come with the kit lense 18-105. So, I need to get a general topside lense - should I get the 18-105, or for the same money I could get a 18-55 and a 55-200? For underwater use I plan on getting a 60mm macro and a 10-17.
  14. reef just got one in - looks like I got lucky - who thought it would be so hard to spend my money
  15. So I am having trouble locting a Nikon d7000 - does anybody know who has them in stock? Most of the usual suspects are out of stock (reef, backscatter, adorama, B&H photo)
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