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  1. Allison, I have taken two trips with someone who bought an olympus from you - so I know you have not always been a canon shooter ;-) a follow up question, lets take a 15-85 mm lens. How would the macro capabilities compare to my current set up if I have two UCL m165m67 stacked? ie. what do I need to get typical macro (not super-macro - I am not good enough yet for that). Someone mentioned a 60mm micro - help me understand why that is considered macro if it is greater than the 50mm? Also, I have a UWL 100 for wide angle - what would a comparable wa lens for a DSLR be in regards to FOV?
  2. Thanks for the info - I think I have one of the earlier edditions of the underwater photographer - Is this the best book for gear selection? I am familiar with composition, settings, etc - (although I can obviously improve with that). It would like something that is compatible with my z240 and use TTL (I currently use an ikelite housing, my camera is TTL compatible, but not my housing unless I use a ikelite strobe).
  3. I am an average UW photographer with my current nikon p5100 P&S. My wife is taking an photographer (topside) class and we are looking at DSLR cameras. I understand the basics of f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc as my current rig has complete manual mode. What I am wondering is, what characteristics should I look for in a good DSLR as I will likely try to find a UW housing for whatever we choose. I am not against buying used if anybody know of a camera/housing that is for sale. I currently shoot with an inon z240 strobe that I would plan on paring with the camera. Is there a beginners tutorial for things such as, what is the difference between the different lenses? (I have wet WA and macro lenses for my P&S but I do not understand what people mean by 15-85mm lens?) Most of my photography would be WA here in North Carolina, but also the trip to the tropics, so I want a set up that is compatible with macro photography as well. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks your your replies. The reason I want a second case is because I want a small hard case I can take on the boats here in North Carolina and also one that I can fly with to the carribbean. (mainly Bonaire on continental). I shoot a P&S (haven't bit the bullet yet for a DSLR - a ikelite case for nikon p5100 (pretty big for a P&S) and z240 strobe along with WA and macro lenses. I think I am goning to go for the im2300 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5689...se_without.html It is a just 3 linear inches larger than my lap top bag (w x l), and the same size a buddy of mine uses to fly with with no probs. In the past I just used my regular carry on to take two sets of regs, camera gear, computer, and some clothes and it was def over the weight limit, but it was never weighed. I do like the idea of the hard case incase it is gate checked - which often happens - but if it is my personal item - that is not a worry.
  5. I was curious as to if any of you travel with your camera in a seperate hard case from your normal carry on? I was looking at the seahorse cases: Seahorse SE-540F Protective Case - Seahorse Cases - Optical Ocean Sales Underwater Photo - 800-359-1295! and was curious as to if the airlines would let me count this as my "personal item" in addition to my regular carry on. Do any of you have a second camera case, and if so, do you ever catch slack from the airlines? Mostly I would be looking at flying with continental (to Bonaire) and also use it locally on the boats here in NC (hence why I want a hard case for the camera). FWIW I use a nikon p5100 and z240 strobe, WA lense and macro lense
  6. So I have decided to get an inon z240 strobe. Which type of sync cord is best? They are about the same price by the time you add up what is needed? I was told by one person that the fiber optic sync cord will allow you to use optical TTYL, is this true and how beneficial is it? I know the electric cord will not support TTYL since the housing is Ikelite and the strobe is Inon/
  7. I am debating between these two strobes? Any pro's or con's? I have a nikon p5100 in ikelite housing. I know the 240 is a stronger strobe, but will that benefit me much since my current rig is good, but far from top of the line? (not d-slr)
  8. I am looking to upgrade my strobe to a z-240 or d-2000. My question is about strobe arms. I had one of the larger dealers quote me a price on the strobe arms and lens caddy, and of course it got very expensive ($370). It was a high quality ultralite set with two arm extensions, but I have seen other sets for much less and I was wondering what are some cheaper alternative that will still provide what I need? I use a nikon p5100 in ikelite housing and want something that I can position correctly for wide angle as well as something flexible enough for macro, I also like the idea of being able to adapt the arm (add different arm lengths if I decide in the future something else works better for me? Would something like this beable to do the same job for considerably less money? http://www.opticaloceansales.com/trays-arm...-1/prod_62.html
  9. I currently dive with a nikon p5100 (ikelite housing) and Ikelite AF35 stobe. I am looking for an upgrade to allow for better WA pics (especially shark pix here in North Carolina). I posed this question to a cople of shop: I recently purchased a housing for a nikon p5100 camera. I also have an ikelite AF35 strobe (which I have had for a couple of years). I recently got back from Bonaire, and the strobe is great for macro photography, but it lacks the power for a good landscape shot (or the sand tigers here in NC). I am looking to upgrade to a more powerful strobe and am looking for recommendations. I know the ikelite housing will work with the TTYL of the ikelite strobes. I did not know if the ikelite strobes are more expensive to comprable strobes of other manufacturers, and if they were, was the TTYL really worth it? I do want a stobe that accepts AA batteries (not a stobe where you just recharge the internal battery). Also I did not know if it was possible to set up some sort of homemade base that could utilize my AF35 strobe as a fill/secondary strobe. I do not have a specific budget figure in mind, I am just trying to figure out what I need/want to fit my desires, but I do not want to spend some crazy amount and get a strobe that offers more than my current camera set up can utilize. Any advice is appreciated. Options I have heard back are the Inon D-2000 or Z-240 or a Sea & Sea YS-11. I was curious as to any pro or cons for these, and what you guys think is the best use of my money. I will likely make one tropical trip a year, and many trips locally here in North Carolina. I like to do a mix of WA, macro, and "regular" photos.
  10. I am guessing you are not interested? Anyone?
  11. so I checked shipping to mauritius, $70 fedex, and $45 US postal (no insurance - your risk). I would sell it (shipping included for $220 with postal and 245 fedex.
  12. I will stop by the post office tomorrow and get a price quote and then get back to you and see how much we are talking about. Then we will see if we can work it out.
  13. No manual controls (sorry). That is actually the reason i am selling it, I upgraded to a nikon p5100 - I have an offer from a guy in Australia for $190 (I am trying to work out the shipping details as I have no idea what kind of shipping bill we are talking). It does take a decent little picture http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh203/Scotttyd/ Here are some examples. What kinda of shipping bill would we be looking at to Mauritius? I will work with y'all
  14. I am willing to haggle a bit on the price ;-)! Ok, for the combo (new it was $345 a year ago remember). I would sell them together for $200 shipped to any of the lower 48 (not sure where you are)
  15. anyone interested in this housing for any reasonable price? What about a camera/housing combo deal?
  16. I have the Ikelite housing for the Nikon Coolpix L11 for sale. You can buy the camera on Amazon.com for about $84. Online this housing (no longer made) sells for $270. It is for sale for $140. The housing functions fine, has all the O-rings, and no visible blemishes
  17. I am considering a fantasea housing for a nikon p5100. Since it comes with the 46mm threaded port, I was wondering how the available lenses compare with the 67mm lenses available to fit on an ikelite housings? Is the cost of the ikelite housing worth it?
  18. Does anybody know of an outlet for Patima housings for the Canon G9 - I know they do not make them anymore and reefphoto does not have any?? I am not familiar with Fisheye housings, are they still being made?
  19. I currently have a nikon coolpix L11 P&S, but I an wanting to upgrade. One of my dive buddies came me a list of things to consider in a new camera and I was wanting to know if any of you had recommendations of camera that fit these criteria. Full manual controls (shutter speed and f-stop) flash control in all modes housing available that will accept an external WA and macro lenses. histogram raw is not a must, but a decent add on if I choose to use it camera specific batteries are a minus, good ole fashion AA's (rechargeable)are preferred. I currently have an AF35 autoflash strobe, so housing that is compatible would be a nice plus. I do not have a specific budget in mind, but do not want to go crazy expensive. Cameras that I have seen/been recommended are the Canon G9/10 - a little on the pricey side, but if the canon housings can accept the wet lenses and strobe, it is a possiblity. Sony DSC-W300 - looks like good camera for a good price, but how easy is to adjust the manual controls? It does not appear to have a dial, I am new to manual photo, but it looks like you have to use the camera on screen menu? (which I would think would take a lot longer than simply turning a dial. thanks for any advice
  20. I posted this over at Scubaboard, I know most of the people use both forums, but any advice is appreciated So I think I have settled on the canon HF10 with ikelite housing. (for me best balance of price and quality). I am not the best computer person out there. Basically I know enough to get me into trouble! I currently have a laptop computer with a duo processor (gateway bought 2 years ago, I do not know the specifics of it as I am at work), but I am asuming I will need to upgrade to edit my videos. What do you recommend as far as minimum requirements, and as far as how far above the minimums should I purchase in order to fully utilize the capabilities of the camcorder? Also what editing software is the most user friendly. I am going to stick with a PC vs a mac (I know the pros and cons of each). I do not have a blue ray DVD burner - just a SD DVD burner. Can you buy a desktop with a HD DVD burner? Are those DVD's compatible with a SD DVD player? One option I was considering was burning to SD then hopefully santa claus will bring me a Blue Ray next december and then upgrading my SD DVD to HD?
  21. also, I cannot find an ikelite housing for the SR10d, is this an old camera that they do not make a housing anymore, or too new that they have not made one yet?
  22. What are the main differences between these two cameras? FYI, I have never used underwater camcorders, and only used them topside minimally without really worrying about quality issues. When using the compare feature on sony's webiste the differences I see are: 1. imaging device is 1/5" vs 1/3" - how significant is this? 2. still picture resolution is significantly different, but not an issue to me. 3. minimum illumination is 5 lux for the sr12, and not listed for the sr10d Is there a $200 difference in the cameras? any advice is appreciated. thanks
  23. Is the only difference between the SR11 and SR 12 the size of the memory??
  24. I had this exact same question, thanks for the answer.
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