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  1. I am eyeing a pair of Gobe 700 wides to go with my GoPro. I like the Gobe because I can use it for more than just video lights...change the head and it is a great dive light..etc. Is a pair of 700 lights going to be adequate for fairly close video with the wide angle GoPro? Am I just going to get irritated that I dropped $700 on these lights and heads? I'm just starting out so spending ~$1400 on a pair of Solas to go with a $400 camera doesn't seem worth it...but I could be convinced with a solid argument. I only get to dive about 6-10 days per year because I live 7.5 hours from the ocean. Thoughts, advice, insults...send them my way. Thanks for all the help.


    (wetpixel lurker and viewer - all of you motivate me to make the drive to dive)


  2. Hi all,

    I am back in the water after a 5 year break from photography and the water. I took this in Kona, HI right near the harbor entrance. I struggled a ton with the color...may just be the limits of light, depth, and GoPro.


    Spinner dolphins under a boat
    Location: Kona, Hi near the harbor entrance
    GoPro Hero 3+


    Adjustments in Aperture (totally new to this):

    Temp: 4345k

    Tint: 10

    Exposure +0.08

    Black Point +14.29

    Brightness +0.06

    Definition +0.43

    Saturation +1.0

    Mid Contrast +17.26


    Looking for any help, constructive criticism, composition advice, or resources


    Thank for the help and inspiration,



  3. I'll be in Kona from June 9- June 17(last day I can dive). I'm looking for shore dive buddies. I know of a few spots from previous trips, but also have a few new ones I would like to try. Wife is normally the buddy but she can't dive right now due to us trying to have a kid. I have a porch pass to dive, but I don't ever dive solo.


    Please drop me a line if you are interested.


    Thank you,



  4. Lytro announced production of a light field camera...it captures all light and focus in the entire depth of field every time you take a photo. Freak'n cool.




    Definitely would love to see someone partner with them to make a housing for launch day.


    I have no connection with the company...just thought it was super cool and took a break from lurking here for a day.

  5. Hey Tim

    You can also get some of those chemical hand warmers and tape them over your camera battery compartment to keep the batteries warm while they are in the camera. If you get the chemical toe warmers they have adhesive tape already on them. Hope this helps.

    Keep Warm




    Will these actually won't work very long once you close the housing. They work through an oxidation reaction that requires moisture and oxygen. Will the oxygen in the chamber be consumed? Will there be enough moisture? Very curious.



  6. It was the 2008 list that really got me excited about underwater photography. I read the forum weekly and I am learning so much. Thank you all for everything you contribute, the questions you answer, and the photos you share.


    Here is my favorite because of the experience of having this guy dive down at my bubbles and tugging on my fins. I didn't care that the water was 49°F and I was freezing. March 2009. Coronado Islands, Mexico.


    Posted on flicker http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4057/422391...b6548a797_o.jpg

  7. I have just changed over from rear inflation to a jacket BCD. Was just getting tired of being pitched forward on the surface not being able to get my head high enough out of the water in the chop when others with jacket BCDs could. Also it is nice to have some decent pockets, but do miss the multiple D rings.





    I went with the Oceanic Probe LX because it had 7 SS D-rings and kept my chest area free of the bladder so I could move and position better.

  8. First, I want a summer internship -

    Shameless plug: Anyone out there need a guy with a MS in Engineering (Virginia Tech) working on his MBA to come bust his tail for you for this summer? Background is in medical device combination product development and fiber reinforced polymers. I speak a little Mandarin Chinese. Currently attending Thunderbird Global School of Management (#1 MBA program for International Business).


    Second, to get a post graduation job near water...the desert (Phoenix, AZ) is not a place for a human with gills and a passion for bottom time.


    Third...all the gear lusting goodies (However I need number two to justify):

    Aquatica AF Macro Port for bayonet style housings


    Aquatica D700 Housing for Nikon D700 (with Aquatica Extension Ring: 54.5mm)


    Ikelite Digital TTL Dual Sync Cord to two DS


    Two Ikelite Substrobes DS160 (DS-160)


    Nikon Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Lens


    Pinnacle Evolution 2 Drysuit


    The Underwater Photographer


    Fourth Edition Underwater Photoshop


    Nikon | AF-S Zoom Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G


    Nikon 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR


    Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 300M Dive watch


    Hartenberger Nano Focus and Video Light


    Forth: PADI Divemaster in 2010

  9. These aren't anywhere close to the quality you all post, but I am tired of just lurking. I am saving for a housing for my D700 and a couple of strobes, but the point and shoot will probably have to due until I finish the MBA. I have virtually zero skills at photoshop...lots to learn.

    Cheers! James



    I think if I got lower and closer this one would be better.



    Just before the Famous Manta night dive off the airport



    What is the wierd color in the shadow...is that due to my poor photoshop skills?



    There was a lot of sand getting stirred up, how do you guys handle this?

  10. Before I drop the huge coin on a housing and strobes for my D700, I feel I need to learn a lot more...oh yeah and not live in the desert of Arizona.


    I am looking for general techiques that tend to improve underwater composition... Here is what I have learned so far:


    try to get below or eye level to the subject as it makes them look more majestic


    take the time to frame your shot and do your best not to rush


    That is about all I know beyond terra ferma photo knowledge.


    If you need to see what I have done so far, check http://fazworks.com and click on the Galleries tab in the upper left. I am really a rookie at this so any advice would be appreciated.


    I am currently using a Canon 950 IS with an Ikelite housing, no strobes.


    Thank you.

  11. If you are going to go to Vegas, you should go the extra 3 hours to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is very dry and not at all related to diving, but you will never forget it.

    Let me know if you are interested, I live only 120km away.



  12. Thank you all for the comments. I think you all hit my dislikes and likes. Image is in the pointed down and the distracting background.


    I am a new to the underwater world, only 25 dives to date, but I am loving it. 10 days in Kona in April...hopefully I will be better after reading everything here on Wet-Pixel.


    The photo was taken while diving the wreck Lesleen M. in St. Lucia.


    Canon 950 IS

    Ikelite housing

    no strobes


    very slowly saving for a D700 housing and strobes.




  13. Thank you for all your posts. This was the question I was hoping to ask. Off to search for a killer deal on the book so I can eventually justify a housing for my D700.

    Cheers too all!

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