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  1. I had the same problem with my Nauticam NA-D90. The right handle broke in the same place of your flextray. Unfortunately they don´t sell handle bracket for my housing. I will try to create one.
  2. Thank you diverDoug, it helped me a lot. The problem was that I didn't put the dial in full, what is necessary to work in ttl.
  3. Hi guys, Im facing some problems with this combination, I use optical cables, and when I try to use TTL, the YS110 not fire, or fire with few power. When I use the new D1 strobe, I don´t have this problem. The YS110 only works without problem in manual mode. Regards, Luiz Felipe
  4. Hi Dave, please, could you tell us if this adapter fit well and if it is good or not. Tell us your impressions.
  5. Hi, I was looking for a diopter flip adapter. All adapters from ReefPhoto and Backscatter has a price around $200 and $300, than I found this one http://www.divervision.com/deeproof/deeproof-m67-mount-base-90-for-90mm-flat-ports-RM67-90P.html?page=3 Now I want to know if anyone here already tried this. Thanks. Luiz Felipe
  6. Thanks....I bought a pre-owened 105mm VR on ebay.
  7. Hi, i want to buy a lens for macro but Nikon 105mm VR cost around $900 and I saw the Tokina 100mm. I want to buy this tokina, but I didn`t find which port I have to use on Nauticam port Chart. My question is: Has anyone tried this lens and which port I have to use. thanks.
  8. Hi, I want to know if I use this port I will have any kind of vignetting problem. Best regards Luiz Felipe
  9. It is a nice package, but I already have two strobes. Can you do a different price without strobes?
  10. I want to buy a d90 housing, could be aquatica or nauticam. If you have lenses, flat ports, 8" dome I want too. Please contact by email: luizfelipek@globo.com. I will pay with paypal. Thanks Luiz Felipe
  11. Hi, could you please send some pictures of the Aquatica Dome: luizfelipek@globo.com
  12. Hi, please put some pictures of the Dome, i have interest on it.
  13. Hi, I already have D90 body, could you sell the other parts? Housing, Dome, ports, lens. And the main important, I live in Brazil, could you send to me? I will pay the freight. If it is possible quote how much it is. Regards, Luiz Felipe
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