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  1. Just doing a quick Goggle search ,shows he's spammed a few sites. SPAM
  2. I got the exact same message at another forum, as well as here. Somebody has been busy. The link takes you to a porno site.
  3. A 3rd for the Nikon Coolscan ! ICE is a lifesaver !!! I've been scanning in a lot of 60yr old+ Kodachrome slides inherited from my Grandfather and the time saved using ICE if your slide isn't absolutely clean is incredible.
  4. I don't know I used it for over a year in my landscape work, no problems other than a couple of WB issues in vastly different natural lighting conditions. Nothing that PS couldn't tweak, (I ONLY shoot RAW). UW, this has been my camera of choice. Can't afford the housing for my D2X just yet .
  5. Going,Going....gone !! If you're interested to see what replaced it, "The Seasons" a year in the CO High Country (Tonnn's ! of wildlife, landscapes,flowers,etc) it's available HERE
  6. Amen Rev !! After so many years of warm water "destinations", I've been making my D2D Truth trip + Catalina my "Destination" of choice. And this is from a CO diver, nothing like a "cool water site" !!! 1,2,3 awesome. Nice work !!
  7. "Going once, Going Twice" Comcast limits my storage to 25 Mb and I need to upload another show by the end of next week. If you haven't seen it or want to save a copy (RIGHT CLICK,select "Save As") than do it now. Thank you very much for everyone's comments.
  8. I'm using the Sigma 14 FF Nikon mount on my S2 also. I hate zoom rings, gears and the like. It's either full WA or nothing.
  9. Have you ever tried free diving and carrying a housed/strobed SLR ?? Let alone SCUBA diving with one ? Forget free diving with one !! You "Might" be able to freedive w/ a P&S in a minimal housing as long as you're shooting available light (depth dependant); but there is no way you're going to be able to free dive w/a housed SLR + dual strobes for conditions that "get dark really fast" Here's a collection of Freshwater images all shot at 10 -20' in clear water from last July. Most would have been impossible freediving w/ an SLR.
  10. "Isn't it always?" "Some times is cold, once in a while is colder and most of the time is freezing." Where are you diving ?? I never saw anything lower than 62F at depth (~70-40'). Catalina is a WARM water site, try San Miguel ~50F same time last year, (and I was toasty/ roasty there too,"Dive dry,You'll Like It"
  11. Thanks , I'll have to try one out ! My Sigma 12-24 has lived on both my Fuji S2 and now my Nikon D2x as my lens of choice for my topside landscape work, where sharpness is the key. I can't knock the Sigma, I'll have to try a side by side test.
  12. Well, if all 3 of us told Fuji the same story ... "I don't know what happened ....."
  13. As the saying goes "not if, but when". I've never had a problem as long as I've been carrying a camera (which is about every dive since '98). Buttt !! On my first dive, aboard the Vision on a 3 day Channel Island trip, as soon as I got to the bottom and tried to take a shot of a cooperative Garibaldi, I saw a strange blinking ERR message in the finder. I'd double /triple checked that every thing was "good to go" as usual so I couldn't imagine what the problem could be until I saw the huge puddle forming in my housing !!! I knew that the damage was done so I slowly made my way to the surface, took my waterlogged Fuji S2 out of the housing, said a few choice phrase's, grabbed my gear, and jumped back into the water. After all, it's the dive experience that counts most. Fortunately, Ken Ashman, of CaliforniaDigitalDivers was aboard, and seeing my plight, offered to loan me which ever of his 2 cam's/housings he wasn't using at the the time. Talk about trial under fire (or is that underwater) !! I grabbed his D100 in a Tetra housing w/who knows what strobes and jumped back into the water. New camera, new housing, new manual strobes, who cares !!! I had a camera in my hands and the basics apply to any camera. It only took about 5 shots to figure out what was what and then I was back in my element. But then I'd trade off to a D70 in an Aquatica w/ totally different strobes and have to learn everything over again !! It's a vacation, I was there dive, and I had a lot of new "toys" to play with, but at least I was getting a few shots. Another diver/photographer that I'd met last year, Richard ..., offered to call to Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara as soon as he got cell reception on our way back and managed to find another S2 (used/body only $450) that was waiting for me if I could make it to the store 1/2 hr after we docked !! I did, and the followup 4 day landbased trip to Catalina was salvaged. But, there were a few hesitant moments, the first time I took my own rig rig back U/W, but as usual, I never had another problem. What caused the initial flood ? I ever so slowly dissected the housing looking for a clue, a hair, a nick in an O ring, anything !! But everything looked perfect. Who know's! It really is "Not if, but when" !!
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