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  1. Nice positing. I hope to see this little boy in 2010. Happy New Year!
  2. Ssra30, thanks for your quick responds. I sand a e-mail to Ikelite. The want test the lens to fit in the modular port system. Only I have to sand the Nikkor to the USA :-( only I don’t bay a 70-180 if it’s won’t fit in the Ikelite port system. On eBay the cost 1100 $ ex. VAT. and that’s a lot of $$$$ if its only for a test.
  3. Sorry jcclink, this happened only with a compact camera with a big screen. Not with a DSLR Polycarbonate, I dive white a Ikelite under the ice with no fog.
  4. I ask Ikelite a question the cant ensuring the question without the lens. I have a chicken, egg problem :-). I will bay the 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6 ED-IF AF Micro-Nikkor lens, only of its fits in an Ikelite house. The lens is not in the Ikelite modular Nikon port list. Is here somebody with a combination Ikelite nikkor 70-180mm micro combination? Yes? What is your combination Port Body, Focus Extension, extension ring? I one the next Modular port system components; Port Body #5510.10 (nikkor 10,5 and tokina 10-17mm) Port Body #5510.20 (nikkor 12-24mm, AF-S 60mm micro) Port Body #5510.28 (nikkor 105mm VR) Flat port #5510.35 (nikkor 60mm 105mm VR) It would be beautiful if I can make a combination with my existing ports.
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