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  1. Are your items still available? ony RX100 649.00 Nauticam Housing 950.00 Blue Water Photo Wide Angle Lens 450.00 Nauticam Flip Diopter 260.00 1600.00 plus 20.00 shipping in US or Canada.
  2. Jon, Not sure if I should go with the DS-50 or the DS-51?. Just looking for one. I would need to know a few things first. How old? How many dives? Serial Number? Any problems with function. Condition? What comes with it? Thank you, Mike
  3. Are any of your strobes still available? Thanks, Mike
  4. I'm looking for a single Ikelite DS-50 or DS-51 strobe with 1" ball attachement. Thank you, Mike
  5. Wanted: Think Tank 571 Airport Security V2 Rolling Case, or similar.
  6. I'm interested in the strobe & charger. Please shoot me a price. Thanks, Mike
  7. Do you have any photos of the strobe? Thanks, Mike
  8. Marc, Is your "FS one DS 125 with Charger. Also just got back from Ikelite. Passed load test and did not need new battery pack. All new o-rings and toggle shaft. One year warranty. Battery pack says 04/2007 DS 125. 325.00 sn: 12587" Still available? Thanks, Mike
  9. I'm looking for a dual tray with handles for a medium Ikelite housing Ike Tray PN 9523.32 This would be the type that is attached to the housings with 3/8 bolts with nuts protruding below the housing. This would be going on a Ike housing for an Olympus C5050 TTL housing.
  10. John I'm thinking about a Canon 7D in an Ike housing. I also have dual DS-125's I would go with the 10-17 and 8" dome port. I have not purchases arms yet. I'm concerned about how negative the rig would be with standard ULCS arms Would I need to use buoyancy arms? Also, What advice would you give on arm length? Thank you, Mike
  11. Would anyone recommend shooting two Ikelite DS-161 movie strobes with a dual sync cord with the 7D in a housing that could provide an Ike or Nikonos bulkhead? Would they provide enough light with two 15W/90 degree video lights for 7D video? Or would you recommend a separate set of video lights? Mike
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