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  1. Too much time?? What about not enough time? As one who is like many (most?) on this site and has a traditional work schedule and doesn't exactly live within walking distance of the water, I'd love to spend more time diving, taking pictures, fine-tuning the best shots, posting, publishing, etc. It's enough to make retirement almost enticing?
  2. I have the Inon 45 degree viewfinder on my Canon 50D in an Ikelite housing, and there's really no significant impact on the view of the screen. I am generally very happy with the viewfinder.
  3. Does anyone have any experience using Blurb, the Flickr affiliated book publishing site?
  4. The strobe comes with the diffuser, attachment clamp, and of course, the original battery. No Charger. This is the most recent version of the DS-125.
  5. Ikelite DS-125 Strobe for sale. About 18 months/25 dives old. Works great. $300.
  6. Duncan, it does help increase your ability to see the entire viewfinder, and I think it slightly increases the size of the image. It does require a modification to the housing; I happened to buy a new housing and the viewfinder at the same time from Backscatter and they installed the viewfinder before shipping the housing. Hope this helps! Ken
  7. I have the 45 degree version on my Ikelite housing for my Canon 50D. I really like it. Two things take getting used to - overcoming the natural inclination to bring the camera up to a straight-ahead view, which is what we've all been doing over the years, and the need to turn the viewfinder when you turn the camera 90 degrees for vertical shots. But you adjust to these quickly. I like it because it helps allow you to follow one of the major rules of underwater photography ("shoot up") more easily, without necessarily getting on the bottom and stirring things up or just generally having to get your body/neck in a tricky position. In my setup, it also improves in general the view of the viewfinder. I've not used the straight-ahead version. Good luck! Ken
  8. Jeff - I'm in the same situation with my daughter, who's also looking at Miami and College of Charleston. Go to http://web.vims.edu/bridge/?svr=www which is a website devoted to marine education resources. Lots of general info, and under the "Guiding Students" category is lot of helpful stuff, including list/descriptions of all marine biology programs.
  9. The housing and port are both still available. I have sent you a PM as well.
  10. The port is model number 5503, which works for most, but not all, wide angle lenses you might consider for use with this camera. Give me your e-mail and I can send you some pictures.
  11. I am looking to sell an Ikelite housing for Canon Digital Rebel XTi along with one wide angle port. The housing and port are about one year old, and are in great condition; I've never had a problem with either. $500 for both. Let me know of interest out there.
  12. Yes, great write-up. Makes me want to go back!
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