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  1. Sorry for the late reply, been diving The set up is still for sale. I'm selling because I want to upgrade the camera, but since I'm traveling non stop I can't keep two setups. So if I don't sell this one I can't buy a new one The strobes are optional, I will sell without the strobes for $3100.
  2. Selling a full Nikon D300s/ Ikelite rig: Nikon D300s (serviced Dec 2012) with Nikkor 10-24mm wide angle lens Ikelite housing with spare parts (o-rings, extra front and back locks, etc) 8" dome Two DS161 strobes w/ arms and two cords (one brand new) Spare backplate (value $800) included extra! also available: macro flat ports for 105mm and 60mm lens (lens not available) Great condition, just normal wear and tear.. (little corrosion on the tray, nothing that affects performance) Love the camera, never had problems. Asking price: $5000 flat
  3. Oh how I wish I had a real camera and some fancy strobes.. taken with Canon Power Shot 850 and a led flashlight instead of a strobe.. thanks for viewing!
  4. Great photos, I like the nudibranchs most. Just dove South Africa (cold!!), wish to go to Mozambique someday..
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