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  1. I always love this thread. Fantastic photos everyone. Here's my choice: I have some shots that I maybe prefer personally, but this one ended up on the cover of the Roatan divesite guide book so that makes me happy. Taken on the mast of the El Aguila wreck in Roatan. Cheers, dano
  2. I like this trend. Honduras made a similar declaration a week or two back also. I had a chance to shoot a captive nurse shark release with the Honduran president in conjunction with their announcement. Now it comes down to policing I guess. http://www.danopendygrasse.com/Details/det...ters-photos.php Dano
  3. Hi there, I recently had a chance to get a look at the Cordelia Banks off Roatan with Ian Drysdale from HealthyReefs.org and Nic from the Roatan Marine Park. It's a really interesting story that brings to light the life cycle of corals in the Caribbean. Only one tank in less than ideal conditions, but it's nice to see. Feedback and critique is always appreciated. Dano http://www.danopendygrasse.com/Details/det...otos-roatan.php
  4. Leslie, You've just made my friends day. She was very excited to finally know. Thanks for being such a great resource. D.
  5. Rats, Try this? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7742...mp;id=580136432 Thanks for the heads up Gina. d.
  6. Hi There, A friend of mine found this worm (?) a year ago in 15 feet of water in Roatan. After moving across the sand it buried its head by the time she got her camera out. She's searched but can't figure it out. Can anyone here help? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater Thank you, dano
  7. Hi Gina, I've seen them a few times here in Roatan too. Around the shop they ID it as a Zebra Sole though I'm not entirely convinced. I saw a really small one yesterday, there's a shot it this blog post. http://www.danopendygrasse.com/Details/det...oatan-photo.php I'm curious too. dano
  8. I've been pretty lucky in my career in action sports but it seems the underwater world is more prone to unscrupulous consumers of photography. I hope that at some point I'll be selling underwater photos and that by then the trend turns towards people paying for what they use. Spreading stories like this around certainly can't hurt. d.
  9. An interesting story making the rounds of the blogoshphere today regarding a copywriting company that settled a photo infringement case for $4000. Worth reading. John Harrington runs it down here: http://photobusinessforum.blogspot.com/201...r-possible.html and the original post (with lengthy comments) is here: http://blog.webcopyplus.com/2011/02/14/leg...0-for-10-photo/ I think that the more of these stories get out there, the more likely it is that people will buy photos instead of stealing them. Enjoy. -dano
  10. Hi friends. Just looking through some old shots and came across this. Is it just a really unadorned neck crab or something else? I don't think I've ever seen one so naked before! Cheers, Dano
  11. Hi Dave, We bought Hawai'i's Fishes and found it to be quite useful. http://www.hawaiisfishes.com/books/hawaiis...es/fishbook.htm It has common, latin, and Hawaiian names, indicates endemic species and decent descriptions of most of what we were looking for. Hope this helps. Dano.
  12. Thanks Stew and Rene. I snorkeled off Makena but we did our shore dives at 5 graves and the Mala pier. Hopefully next time! Have you ever seen a Dragon Moray there?
  13. Yup. If you click through to the blog I've written a bit about the shops I dived with and there are several Molokini shots.
  14. Hello, I spent a couple weeks in Maui over the holidays. It rained a fair amount making the shore diving visibility a little limited and as a result a didn't dive as much as I would have liked but managed to get some shots I was happy with. Only my second trip with a housed DSLR and I was a little rusty. C and C is welcome. The diving shots are the second half of the post so skip past the rest if it doesn't interest you. Cheers. Dano http://www.danopendygrasse.com/Details/det...ber-january.php
  15. Can I reserve the right to change it if I get something better next week in Maui? I love this shot of my wife because: a) it's my wife b) she's having a blast c) it's under a really nice boat d) I finally have a housing for my dslr.
  16. Noumea Flava? Looks like the ones in Maui. http://www.flickr.com/photos/danopendygras...57622959239413/ http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/noumflavgp
  17. Drat! Sorry to hear that. Thanks again for the patient transaction. It's opened a new chapter for me. Hope you get to see some whales before long. d.
  18. Thanks everyone. I think George may have left some of his talent sprinkled on the housing... I used the 10.5mm, the 16mm and the 60mm macro. My new strobes didn't arrive in time so Captain Simon actually borrowed a pair of DS 160's from the aggressor for me. One of which flooded. Hooo boy. I also had to make do without any focus gears but I found it fairly easy to switch in and out of auto mode when needed. Now I have to wait till December for the next try. Speaking of photos George, how were the whales? I should mention that the boat and hammock shots are taken with the GF1. dano.
  19. Hello all, Well thanks to scorpio_fish I finally put one of my Nikon's in a housing and walked away from the point and shoot. The Sun Dancer 2 was a great place to put it through its paces. Still a lot to learn obviously but here is my first swing. C & C is appreciated. Trip highlights included some new nudis for me, a viper eel, a crazy goatee blenny, and beautiful walls and corals. http://www.danopendygrasse.com/Details/det...-liveaboard.php Dano
  20. I just remembered that I have a shot of one from last year on Flickr. He's hanging out with a yellow margin: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danopendygras...57622959239413/
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