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    Nikon D90
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    Nauticam NA-90
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    2 X INON Z240 Type 4
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    ULCS arms, Nikon 60mm Macro, Tokina 10-17, Sigma 17-70
  1. Another vote for the eneloops , best I've ever used.
  2. Some of the earlier housings (mine included) are out of the warranty period, I wonder if Nauticam would replace/repair these "out of warranty housings" FOC as a gesture of good faith towards the many who bought early from a newly established company?
  3. Thanks for your reply, how did you remove the locking ring?
  4. I have noticed "rust" forming on the inside edge of the eyepiece housing on my Nauticam Ad-90. I usually let the housing soak in luke warm water for about 2-3 hours after every dive, but that hasn't seemed to prevent corrosion forming here. I'm finding it very hard to accept corrosion on my pride and joy, and want it gone........now! I can't get to the corrosion unless I remove the eyepiece housing, but I'm not sure about doing that. Anyone else with the same problem or solution?
  5. US Divers SEA 4..........Still going strong.
  6. Thanks for the help, that advice about using commander mode works well. Will use that trick on my next dive.
  7. I have the same setup.....D90, Nauticam housing and strobes connected with fibre optics. I haven't found a solution to this problem. It appears the only way to disable the pop up flash is to manually close it (impossible with Nauticam) or shoot in Auto (flash off) mode. I'd like to shoot in continuous mode with ambient light, but it seems it can't be done with the internal flash up.
  8. If I use Nikon Transfer to upload RAW+ jpg shots, there are no problems, but alternatively if I upload RAW+ jpg shots to "My Computer" with the camera connected to the PC only jpg files are shown. Uploading RAW files either way only is no problem.
  9. Hi guys, Using my Nikon D90, I usually shoot in RAW with no image processing problems, but when I shoot RAW+JPG, only the JPG files are shown after downloading to my PC. I can't find the RAW files. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Zaven
  10. I've heard Beqa Lagoon in Fiji is very good for Bull Sharks.
  11. This morning I "blackend" out (with a black felt tipped pen) anything reflective on the 10-17, assembled the rig with the 8" dome and took a few test shots indoors. The reflective arch in the top of the photo was still there. Why did'nt Nauticam notice this during development? Anyhow....I just tried a small variation on Jimswims recent suggestion. I got a small length of adhesive foam rubber (the type you use to seal around draughty doors/windows) 9mm wide and 6mm thick and stuck this to the inside edge of the dome port, just in front of the zoom gear. Tested this again indoors and it works, works very well. The foam rubber blocks any internal strobe light from entering the dome. Field test tomorrow.
  12. I have'nt dived with the wide angle set up since my original post. I'm diving wide angle this weekend (hoping for Dusky Whalers), so I've gotten a black felt tip pen and blacked out anything reflective on the 10-17mm eg; focus distance scale and the white lettering on the zoom gear. Hopefully this will help. If not, i'll maybe try Ryan and Alsky72 suggestion about the "Flash Blocking Ring" available from Nauticam. The solution may even be the 20mm port extension as mentioned by ckchong. I will let the forum know what works. Cheers, Zaven
  13. I've never read a more complicated and diffucult to understand manual.
  14. Looks like you were diving with "Blue Abyss Diving". I remember the "teeth" painted on the hull of their banka, I last visited Moal Boal in 2007 and saw the sardine run just off the house reef. Cheers Zaven
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