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  1. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/OlympusXZ1/ anyone tested this UW yet?
  2. I assume Panasonic does not make OEM housings and the cheapest housing for this will be +600 dollars? Compared to Canon S95 which will have OEM housing for less than 200 dollars. I have G9 and I like taking macro pics is LX5 worse in that sense?
  3. Yes I am but according to it everything was fine. My wife did same dives and had no probs. And luckily we have DAN insurance
  4. Theres still lot to see and learn how to take pics Lembeh is amazing place under surface. btw I saw the Manado hyberbaric chamber from inside also...we did 6 dives a day for 2 long and weren't aware that we should/and could have used Nitrox... But it was only mild case so no problem flying home and I did not miss any dives in Lembeh.
  5. I call these 1st since it was my 1st after understanding some basics of UW photography after reading in these boards and getting some tips http://www.flickr.com/photos/maurilyly/set...560743272/show/
  6. Pentax launched new camera and I was wondering if anyone has experience in Pentax SLRs underwater and housings especially?
  7. Is there any updates to this matter? or any UW RAW processing tips? I just took my 1st pictures with RAW and now I should start processing them. I have CS4 Photoshop
  8. btw do you use setting AF Frame as AiAF or Flexizone?
  9. I certainly donĀ“t mind. Thank you again. I will check your advice when I get back from holiday for after processing pix!
  10. I wish I had read these posts before I went to my honeymoon in Tonga. Thank you all for tips on using G9. I just booked a trip to Lembeh/Bunaken and I am bound to get better pictures this time. I have G9 with Canon OEM housing, I will take pictures with cloudy WB and RAW in future. I will try to get on the same level as critters. Here are the best ones I was able to get in Tonga: and video:
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